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How to make basic menu using jQuery UI?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 18:14:18


Many websites as well as applications must have menus because they offer a simple and orderly way to navigate between different pages and functionalities. While there are numerous approaches to building menus utilizing HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript, jQuery UI offers a simple intuitive technology that can help you save time and effort. The fundamentals of building a menu using jQuery UI will be covered in this post, along with the necessary stages and starter samples. This article will give you the resources you need, whether you're an experienced developer or a novice, to make a useful and appealing ... Read More

How to make Basic toolbars using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 18:07:56


The well-known and extensively used mobile UI framework jQuery Mobile provides a wide range of capabilities and components to build mobile-friendly and responsive web applications. Having simple and intuitive navigation is one of the key components of a successful user interface. Any mobile UI that provides rapid access to frequently used actions and menus must have toolbars. In this post, we'll go through two distinct methods for building fundamental toolbars with jQuery Mobile. A web-based tool called jQuery Mobile is used to create responsive content that can be viewed on all cell phones, tablets, as well as personal computers. With jQuery ... Read More

How to make Basic selects using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 18:02:03


More and more people in the modern world are utilizing mobile devices to access the internet. So, it's crucial to make sure that web apps are responsive as well as mobile-friendly in design. In this situation, jQuery Mobile is useful. It is a powerful JavaScript package that makes it easier to build responsive and mobile-friendly web applications. The ability to create dynamic user interfaces that react to user actions in real time is one of jQuery Mobile's key features. This makes it straightforward to design choices that let users pick from a list of options. This article will concentrate on utilizing jQuery ... Read More

How to make Basic Navbar using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 17:57:18


A website or mobile application must have a navbar, commonly referred to as a navigation bar or menu. It is a vital component of the user experience because it enables visitors to access various areas of the website or app. In this article, we'll go through the steps for using jQuery Mobile to make a simple navigation bar. A well-liked JavaScript library called jQuery Mobile is used to create mobile-friendly websites and applications. It's a great option for creating mobile apps because it offers a wide variety of user interface elements, like navbars. Navbar utilizing with JQuery A navbar widget from jQuery Mobile ... Read More

How to make Autodividers Unordered listviews using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 17:20:34


An important function of jQuery Mobile that makes it easier to create unordered list views is autodividers. Unordered list views are often used in web applications to display lists of items. Developers can automatically build group dividers based on the value of a particular property by using the Autodividers functionality. In this tutorial, we'll look at two distinct ways to use jQuery Mobile to build Autodividers for unordered list views. The "data-autodividers" attribute is used in the first strategy, but a custom function is used in the second strategy. These strategies accommodate to various developer tastes and needs by providing ... Read More

How to make basic Datepicker using jQuery UI?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 17:14:05


The datepicker interface element, which is frequently used during web development, helps individuals choose a date from a graphical calendar. A sophisticated and adjustable datepicker widget is one of the many UI widgets and effects offered by the well-known jQuery UI toolkit, that are employed to create websites. In this article, we'll cover all the steps needed to make a straightforward datepicker with jQuery UI. Datepicker in JQuery A very customizable plugin that gives your pages datepicker capabilities is the jQuery UI Datepicker. You may easily add buttons and other navigation options, limit the selectable date ranges, and change the date ... Read More

How to make Basic accordion using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 17:10:38


An efficient and well-organized way to show information is through the use of accordions. This pattern is particularly helpful for mobile devices when space is at a premium and users frequently seek out quick and simple access to the data they require. A popular framework called jQuery Mobile offers a selection of tools and widgets for developing web apps that are mobile-friendly. The Collapsible Set widget, one of the built-in widgets in jQuery Mobile, offers a simple way to build an accordion. This post will examine two methods—using the Collapsible Set widget and custom code—for building a simple accordion with ... Read More

How to make Autodividers Ordered listviews using jQuery Mobile?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 17:03:19


Based on the jQuery library, jQuery Mobile is a well-known open-source mobile user interface framework. It enables developers to create mobile web apps with a native-like look and feel and offers a collection of user interface elements and widgets that are suited for mobile devices. The ability to build ordered listviews, which let users simply browse through a collection of objects that are sorted in a specific order, is one of jQuery Mobile's core capabilities. A feature of jQuery Mobile listviews called autodividers enables you to automatically group things according to some other property or the initial letter of each item. ... Read More

How to make Auto-filling Forms with jQuery and Web Storage API?

Adeeba Khan
Updated on 22-Nov-2023 16:57:44


By automatically filling in common fields like name, email, and address, autofill forms have grown in popularity as a feature on websites and mobile applications. When developing autofill forms, developers have two options: either utilize locally stored fixed data or use dynamic data that is periodically updated based on user inputs. The Web Storage API is one of the most important resources available to developers for local data storage. It offers techniques for browsers to store key/value pairs in a more natural way than with cookies. SessionStorage and localStorage are the two Web Storage techniques; while sessionStorage only keeps data for ... Read More

How to use the Magnific Popup jQuery plugin?

Updated on 21-Nov-2023 09:28:34


The Magnific popup is a jQuery plugin that can be used to show some HTML popups on the web page as its name suggests. It is a light-weight, responsive fast and modal dialog jQuery plugin. IT can be used to show any kind of content like images, videos, ajax responses, iframe and image galleries. There are many ways of using this plugin in your current project that are discussed in in details below − By downloading the latest version from in the form of zip file. You can also clone the git repository the magnific plugin from ... Read More

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