How we can update a Python tuple element value?

Python tuple is an immutable object. Hence any operation that tries to update it is not allowed. However, following workaround can be used.

First, convert tuple to list by built-in function list(). You can always update an item to list object assigning new value to element at certain index. Then use another built-in function tuple() to convert this list object back to tuple.

>>> T1=(10,50,20,9,40,25,60,30,1,56)
>>> L1=list(T1)
>>> L1[5]=100
>>> T1=tuple(L1)
>>> T1
(10, 50, 20, 9, 40, 100, 60, 30, 1, 56)

Element at index 4 in original tuple has been changed from 25 to 100.