Using clients in SAP ERP

Several independent companies or subsets of one company can be present in one SAP system. The client separates these companies and their relevant data. 

Client serves as a key to most of the SAP database tables and used customizing, transactional and master data. 

To summarise client serves as unique database key for each company. 

Client concept comes with the following advantages −

  • You can share the same resources with multiple users.
  • You can manage SAP system landscape as you can create multiple clients for DEV, QA and PROD team.
  • You can share your SAP system with a large number of users. 
  • You can create clients in an SAP system from 000 - 999.

SAP system comes with the following three standard client  −

000 Client − This is called the master client and is available when you install a R/3 system. 

001 Client − This client is a copy of 000 clients including the test company. This client is used to create new clients normally. 

066 Client − This is called SAP Early watch and is used for diagnostic scans and monitoring service in SAP system.

For more details, you can refer to the following link-

Updated on: 16-Dec-2019


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