7 Ways You Could Be Showering Wrong

Showering should be an integral component of every person's daily routine. Almost daily, people do it first thing in the morning. It bears a significant responsibility for ensuring that everyone maintains his hygiene. Taking a shower has several advantages, including enhancing the body's immune system function, accelerating blood flow, alleviating aches and pains in the muscles and other body parts, and many other advantages. Showering helps eliminate dead skin cells containing germs from the body and wash away any spores that might result in rashes. This is a beneficial step in the prevention of rashes. Showering can help lower the risk of dry skin by removing some of the skin's natural oils.

Depending on the situation, a person can also choose to shower with cold or hot water. The temperature of the water at which a person showers can have a significant impact on the magnitude of the positive or negative effects that the shower has on that person's health. People have also been taking advantage of the benefits that water therapy or hydrotherapy may provide to the body for a significant amount of time.

Some health benefits of showering with cold water include improvement in blood circulation throughout the body, lesser levels of cortisol in the body, decreased pain, decreased fatigue of soreness in the muscles, and many more. There also exist some health benefits that are obtained by showering with hot water. Some of these benefits include boosting cardiovascular health, improved health of joints and muscles in the body, promoted health of the brain, and better sleep.

People with bone and muscle injuries can practice cold or heat therapy. For example, people who have arthritis have hot showers since it makes them more mobile. People with eczema should avoid hot showers since it makes their skin drier.

7 Wrong Showering Methods

The correct method of showering depends on many factors, such as the type of water, products used while showering, and duration. Here are 7 wrong showering methods any person can make unknowingly.

1) Wrong Temperature − Showering with water that is too cold or too hot is one of the wrong methods. For example, showering with too cold water will not help the person relax. Showering with water that is too hot will make the person's skin dry and itchy. Hence, it is recommended that a person should shower with lukewarm water concerning the temperature.

2) Long Showers − Showering for a very long and unnecessary time is also wrong. For example, showering with hot water for an extended amount of time can make the person's skin lose oil and moisture, making the skin dry and itchy. Hence, it is recommended that a person should not spend too much time showering with hot water. The same rule applies to cold water also, as it can lead to stiff muscles.

3) Washcloth or Pouf − Bath poufs can significantly minimize the usage of a body wash during showering. It is also beneficial as it lathers the whole body. But, a significant disadvantage of using washcloths or bath poufs is that if they are not thoroughly washed, they can become a source of bacteria. And when these washcloths or bath poufs are used, they can irritate the person's skin. Hence a person should also clean his body poufs or washcloths from time to time to avoid bacteria.

4) Type of Cleanser − Some people use body washes or soaps while showering. However, it is recommended that a person use a mild cleanser rich in lipids to maintain the skin's health. According to a study, it is also proved that this can be used for showering at varying temperatures.

5) Soaping before Showering − To decrease the chances of developing skin irritation or acne, it is recommended that a person must first use shampoo, then rinse, then apply the conditioner, then wash the body, and finally wash the conditioner and body wash together. This method helps to remove the leftover shampoo and conditioner along with streams of water.

6) Time of Showering − There is no time of the day that is best for showering. It all depends on one’s individual preferences and schedule. According to a study, it is found that if a person takes a shower with hot water 2-3 hours before sleeping for about 8-10 minutes, it helps him to feel sleep faster since the body of the person cools down during showering. Showering before bed also helps reduce skin allergies by washing off any pollen on the person's skin.

7) Cycles of Showering − According to a medical study, one does not need to shower daily. For example, in the winter, the person does not sweat very much, and his skin becomes dry. Hence, people must shower only a few times per week rather than daily. However, suppose a person sweats for any reason, such as exercising at the gym or working in an environment that makes them dirty, it is recommended that he should shower daily and aim to clean the dirty and sweaty areas of the body, such as the armpits and the groin.


Hence, the correct method of showering does not only depend on water. It also depends on many factors that the person is unaware of and can significantly affect the health of the skin. People should carefully read the above-discussed ways and change their showering habits accordingly to shower clearly. It is better to go as per the season and temperature as far as the water condition is concerned.

It is also recommended that every person, regardless of his routine, wash his feet carefully every time he showers to prevent any development of fungi or bacteria. It is easy to eliminate all the possible factors that make showering a person wrong. A good shower will help the person to maintain the personal hygiene of his body effectively and maintain his skin health also. Every person must take a shower correctly to prevent any damage to the skin, such as any skin allergies. It can help him keep his skin healthy and overall well-being.