7 Healthy Meal Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

Suffering from Type 2 diabetes is very common in recent time and the number of cases are getting increased day by day. This situation occurs when the blood sugar level gets high. In case of type 2 diabetes, pancreas don’t produce sufficient insulin to regulate the sugar level in the cells. This situation is known as insulin resistance and cells do not react properly to the insulin.

Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mainly occur among the adults and many are not aware that they are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. If you are suffering from increased thirst, sudden fatigue, unwanted weight loss, frequent urination, blurred vision, numbness, etc, you need to consult with doctors.

Healthy Meal Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

Whenever an individual start suffering from type 2 diabetes, at first they need to pay attention to their food habits. Unhealthy diet will make the situation worse and hence it is suggested to maintain a healthy diet chart.

Make your Carbohydrate Choice Healthy

Carbohydrate does a lot to the blood glucose and hence it is necessary to understand the food contain essential carbohydrate. As per research, a diabetic patient should get nearly 45 percent of body’s calories from carbohydrate. Chicken, fish, lentils, turkey, olive and avocado are some great foods that provide enough carbohydrate to the body so that a diabetic patient can get enough calories. It is always suggested to opt for healthy source of carbs for your body.

Less Salt

Consumption of excess salt can increase the risk of heart problem and other related health issues. Persons with diabetes are more prone to get suffered from these health issues and hence the salt or sodium intake must be within the limit. Normally human body need sufficient sodium to keep the fluid balance intact. However, people with high blood pressure should lower the consumption of salt to reduce the of high blood pressure and heart problem.

Low Consumption of Red and Processed Meat

Diabetic patients often consume more meat to fill them up. But this is absolutely wrong if they choose red and processed meat more. Hence it is suggested to stop consuming red and processed meat and switch to pulses, eggs, fish, turkey, poultry chicken, etc to stay healthy. Besides, a diabetic patient can also opt for beans, fresh fruits and vegetables to get the necessary nutrients.

Low Consumption of Added Sugar

People having sweet tooth can hardly avoid sugar intake and most of the diabetic patients find it tough to lower the sugar intake at first. Here they need to opt for substitute of sugar like low sugar or low calorie drink, normal milk, butter milk, coconut water are the best options to avoid sugar. It is also suggested to opt for low-calorie sweeteners which can moderate the blood glucose level.

Sufficient Protein

Requirement of protein depends on the individual needs. As per research, every individual requires almost 0.8 grams of protein as per their body weight. A healthy person can get enough protein from various sources. However a diabetic patient should be careful in protein intake. Doctors suggest that a diabetic patient should opt for plant based proteins as these are low in saturated fat and rich in fibre. Plant based proteins can regulate the blood sugar level and will keep people healthy.

Proper Fibre Intake

Fibre is always the best friend to human body. Fibre contains several health benefits and especially diabetic patients can get immense benefits from consuming fibre rich food. Both soluble and insoluble fibre are essential to meet requirements of human body. Human body cannot engross the fibre and hence it cannot increase the blood sugar level in the body. It is always suggested to consume high-fibre friendly breakfast every day. Adding spinach, broccoli, mixed vegetables will help in proper maintenance of fibre.

Stay Hydrated

Human body is made of 60% water and water is essential to keep all cells, and tissues hydrated. Human body releases water through various ways like sweating, urinating, etc and hence it is necessary consume enough water to maintain the liquid level in the body. Consumption of water is essential to reduce the glucose level in the blood and it will reduce dehydration. Besides water helps to carry nutrients, oxygen to the cells, flashes out bacteria from the cells, stop constipation, keep you blood pressure level normal.

Preventive Measures for Type 2 Diabetes

Taking care of diet and staying active, will help to lower the chances for type 2 diabetes. Tips to prevent type 2 diabetes are

  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Curb excess weight

  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated

  • Stay active

  • Consult with doctors in case of severe health issues.


People having type 2 diabetes need to take necessary precautionary measures while opting for meals. All should follow proper diet to maintain the blood sugar level and should take medication as per doctor’s guidance.

Updated on: 10-May-2023


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