5 Tips for Managing Foot Psoriasis

Suffering from Foot Psoriasis is nothing uncommon. This situation develops rashes on the feet and keeps them dry. Once individuals have Psoriasis, it can cause a crack or split on the skin of the feet. The skin may get swelled, and you can alsoface blisters.

Symptoms of Foot Psoriasis

If you suffer from foot psoriasis, other skin cells will start developing inside the scales. Due to these additional cells, patients will suffer from unnecessary itching and dryness on their feet.

Individuals can suffer from the following symptoms due to Psoriasis.

  • Individuals suffer from itching in the infected areas.

  • Individuals will often suffer from pain due to these dry skins

  • Soreness and cracked skin can be noticed in the infected areas.

Causes of Foot Psoriasis

An overactive immune system is the prime cause of foot psoriasis. This situation aids in developing additional cell growth. Foot Psoriasis is also known as Palmoplantar Psoriasis.

It has been noticing genes also play a vital role in Foot psoriasis. Other autoimmune diseases can also lead to foot psoriasis.

Again if any person suffers from any injury or insect bite, etc., he can also suffer from this foot

psoriasis. Many will be surprised to note that stress and anxiety can cause this skin problem. Again if your skin is dry during winter, your skin becomes drier, and you can have Psoriasis. Sometimes, some medications also can lead to Psoriasis.

Many still need to be made aware of the situations when visiting a doctor. If you notice that this skin disorder has become severe and you are suffering from pain, you need to consult a professional for the best result. Again, it has also been noticed that seeking professional guidance will be the best option if this skin disorder is not cured via standard home remedies.

Probable tips for Managing Foot Psoriasis

Undoubtedly, the skin of feet is exceptionally soft, and hence proper care for it should be taken. Several home remedies can be opted to get rid of this skin problem. However, if simple home remedies cannot heal Psoriasis, you must consult the doctors for the best treatments.

Topical Medication

Everyone suffering from Psoriasis must remember that medication is an excellent solution to this problem. These medications come in different formulations, and you can select one of your choices. These medications can be in the form of ointments, creams, etc. These medications can easily be applied to the skin directly. Persons suffering from feet or hand psoriasis can buy the medications like steroid creams, emollients, etc. Besides steroids, one can also use Vitamin D analog.

Light or Phototherapy

If normal over-the-counter medications are not enough to cure Psoriasis, and patients need light therapy. Here all need to take guidance from doctors. These therapies are generally performed at clinics or hospitals by professionals.

Doctors perform this treatment using UV light. Doctors suggest that patients take at least three sessions to get the best result. Individuals, who are suffering from Psoriasis, always need to consult dermatologists for phototherapy. This treatment always tries to cure the infected areas of the skin. This treatment is done without using Ultraviolet rays regularly.

Biologic Therapy

As per experts, biological treatment can be the best option if normal medications or light therapy do not work for Psoriasis. Several biologic medications can heal this skin problem. Humira or Adalimumab treats plaque psoriasis or psoriasis arthritis. Siliq or Brodalumab is a great treatment option for plaque psoriasis. Cimzia or Certolizumab pegol helps treat psoriasis arthritis.

Avoid Foot Upset

It has been noticed that Psoriasis can develop due to foot trauma. This situation can arise in the unaffected area of the foot skin. Sometimes foot upset can occur due to wearing tight shoes. Even wearing shoes with high heels can raise foot psoriasis symptoms.

Changes in Lifestyle and Diet

Lifestyle can also create a huge impact on Psoriasis. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle can raise the situation of Psoriasis. However, no research has revealed which food can deteriorate the situation of Psoriasis, but a healthy diet can make it possible to suffer less from this skin disorder. As per research, it has been noticed that there is a strong connection between corpulence and Psoriasis. Individuals who have obesity problems can also have this excessive Psoriasis. Hence, it is always suggested to maintain a healthy weight to stay away from Psoriasis.

Complications of Psoriasis

If any person has Psoriasis, he will be at risk of developing different conditions. It has been noticed that people have psoriatic arthritis, which leads to pain and stiffness. It will also cause inflammation around the joints. Psoriasis makes massive changes to skin color after inflammation. Psoriasis can also lead to other problems relating to conjunctivitis and uveitis. As per research, almost 30 percent of cases lead to the problems of psoriasis arthritis. This situation creates a problem on both skin and joints. Many will feel surprised to hear that Psoriasis can cause severe problem on the psychological problem. If this condition continues for a long time, it can badly impact people's mental health. This can develop complications like anxiety, etc. Psoriasis is also a major cause of depression.

Suffering from Psoriasis can be an early sign of depression. Research has also revealed that psoriasis individuals can have Parkinson's disease due to Psoriasis. Moreover, Psoriasis can also raise the chances of high blood pressure or hypertension. This situation will enhance the chances of heart ailments. As per doctors, if Psoriasis does not get treated properly, individuals can have type 2 diabetes. It means your body has become resistant to insulin and developed type 2 diabetes.  Besides those above complications, Psoriasis can also develop autoimmune diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc.



The content above shares all the possible complications of psoriasis and necessary tips to manage this skin disorder. Hence, individuals suffering from varied problems relating to Psoriasis, need to consult with doctors for the best result.