4 Signs That You Must Bid Goodbye To Start Blossoming

We, as humans, live in societies across the globe. You live around people – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. The charm of this structure is that it brings about the human emotions and reactions in the form of what we call ‘social interaction. All people around you and all things going around you are major influences upon you. These emotions and reactions, emanating from social interaction, therefore can be both positive and negative in nature. That, speaking generally, divides people into two broad categories – positive people and negative people.

Positivity oozes optimism. That is of paramount significance. It not only fosters your own development but also sends ‘positive vibes’ around you. Like positivity, negativity too influences and affect those around you. However, it sends ‘bad vibes’ around you and replaces the smile on the faces with the dreaded frown.

There are scores of signs that describe negative people. However, we will just touch few of them. Here are some signs to look out for.

They are not happy about others success

Do you find it difficult to be happy for others’ success? That is so rampant. Isn’t? However, here you commit such an error. You tend to see others’ success as something that dampens your own success. The first thing you must do is to stop feeling jealous of a friend or family member’s success. Just inhale this into your mind that other’s success is not an impediment but inspiration because you learn from success (whether yours’ or others’) not from failure. That is such a hard fact of the world we live in. Being jealous makes you stitch a chain around you. You get caged into it and make you feel insecure. And once you are insecure you put a tap open for your own failure.

Negativity is so contagious that once you start disliking others for the reason they have succeeded you tend to influence others too. You end up in having less positive and more negative people around you pushing you further into that insecure cage you stitched yourself.

Negativity kills creativity. I state this because when the mind hints to displeasure someone else’s success the only thing that occupies you is being self-centered and less or no apathy for others. This ruins the brain functions and spoils the state of well-being, therefore, not allowing a normality to take place. This will eventually lead to creativity dysfunction.

They always blame others for any failures of them

Blaming others for your failures is one of the destructive pastimes that you can ever tread upon to make you feel secure. How easy it is to blame others! Your success and failure are purely your own responsibility. Blame is like a dustbin you discharge pain into. When you are not successful on doing an activity or when results (or outcomes) are not to your expectation the conditioned response is you blame others or circumstances to confine yourself into the bean bag comfort of self-righteous indignation.

Feeling resented is, in fact, you finding a healing touch for your own failure by blaming others for it. This may appear cure to you for some time but in reality, it is an alarming disease that you invite to ride you. It will later on make you habitual of the feeling of being the victim instead of being responsible. That will set the tune in and once you behave like a victim you will just see injustice everywhere around you. This will erode you away from being responsible and you start losing your self-esteem. Your self-esteem when gets rubbed you surely becomes miserable and then failure eventually cages you with iron chains. It becomes impossible for you to be an independent and self-reliant person.

Hug this fact. It is just you who is the only cause of your own resentment and ensuing failure. Stop being resented. Don’t wait for others around you to make you happy. Don’t blame others around you for your failure. Embrace yourself with the blessing that you are the sole proprietor who determines your fortune.

They always look for fault in others

When you cage yourself in a prison that we call ‘insecurity’ you get motivated to look for others’ imperfections and start finding faults in them. You feel like reprieved to know that someone seems to be less perfect than you and can offer you a kind of a solace of feeling better about you. When you just focus on finding faults in others, it’s hard for you to attract what’s right.

You stop thinking about the problems that plague you. Who are ‘you’? That ‘you’ get slipped away into your own hands because you are after finding faults in others rather correcting yourself. Your mind and thoughts get filled with negative energies. Your perception gets spoiled and the good in others just fade away like a sunset from you. Your mind and soul conceal your faults and feed you the fodder that is perfect for you to see faults in others. Your own self-esteem just crushes under it.

You just need a kick up the bum and put a full stop on finding faults in others. Focus on positive and good things in others will keep your vibes good and positive. It will grow up your own self-esteem and you will start looking for the good in people around you. That will start attracting more of what is good for you.

They like to look down on others

Your cage of insecurity starts brewing up prejudices in you. When it reaches to the lid it pours down and you get an excuse to overlook your own faults by looking down on others. It may give you a succor to make yourself feel better. However, doing this will not do any good to you. You are simply wasting all your energy and using it in the wrong direction. It makes you non-productive. It takes away from you efficiency and effectiveness.

The successful people, across the planet, always focus on themselves and how can they do better in life. This way they put themselves on the pedestal of becoming better human beings and start harvesting the fruits of success day by day. You will grow more compassionate. Your understanding of others around you grows as well and you always attempt to yourself in their shoes before you ever demonize them. So stop looking on others through the glasses of scorn rather the glasses of compassion. As the famous saying of Robert Half goes, “People who look down on other people don’t end up being looked up to.

Folks, you are extremely beautiful. You just need to bid goodbye to above signs since they inflict you and your soul. You are there to blossom and let you become the real of you – ethereal you.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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