20 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for People with Diabetes

The recommendations for healthy snacking in general and for diabetes are very similar. Whether you have diabetes or not, it's important to eat snacks mainly consisting of complete foods, especially plant foods.

The proverb "avoid snacking between meals" isn't always sound advice, especially for those who have diabetes. For example, going longer than three to four hours without eating works against you if your objective is to maintain stable blood sugar levels and fend off hunger.

The foods on this list are all under 200 calories, which is another helpful guideline to remember when choosing snacks that help you achieve your goals of maintaining a healthy weight and controlling your blood sugar levels.

20 Snack Ideas for People with Diabetes

Fruit-Topped Fat-Free and Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt Enjoy this chilly, creamy, low-calorie snack whenever you like, but limit yourself to a ½ cup serving. For a 2/3 cup portion, one brand, Kemps, offers a vanilla variety with 24 g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, and an excellent source of calcium (180 mg, to be exact). Try various flavors to provide variation, and feel free to add a teaspoon of chopped nuts or a few undersized berries as a topping to the frozen yogurt to add more taste.

1. Simple Guacamole

Fifty-three calories, 1g of saturated fat, 5g of total fat, 3g of carbohydrates, 2g of fiber, and 1g of protein are contained in 2 tablespoons.

Enjoy this straightforward but satisfying guacamole with crunchy cucumber slices to keep carbs under control. Furthermore, it is known that the polyunsaturated fatty acids in avocados enhance insulin activity, making it simpler for the body to control blood sugar levels

2. Several Strawberries Were Covered in Dark Chocolate.

Due to their lack of fat in their natural state and high vitamin C content, strawberries are a good option for those with diabetes. This food also tastes rich and luxurious due to its sweetness when they are ripe.

Create a thin covering of these delicious fruits by dipping them in creamy dark chocolate. Milk chocolate has more added sugar than dark chocolate. You'll enjoy every bite more because of the flavor's new depth.

3. Triple Berry Salsa

The top three fruits with diabetes are strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries since they are high in fiber, water, and antioxidants. All three are in this salsa, with just a whiff of jalapeno heat. Use crunchy endive or lettuce dippers to scoop up this sweet and spicy salsa. Serve it with tasty bean-based chips, which offer more fiber and protein to control appetite and help stabilize blood sugar levels.

4. Creamy Cottage Cheese with Cool Cantaloupe

The low-fat, low-sodium cottage cheese enhances this snack's natural sweetness of cantaloupe. Add ¼ cup of low-fat cottage cheese to 1 cup of diced melon. Melon is a fantastic source of vitamins A and C. Additionally, 7 g of protein and a healthy source of calcium are added to the snack by the low-fat cottage cheese. For a flavourful boost, add a sprig of mint.

5. Almonds

Twenty-two almonds include 171 calories. Because almonds naturally include a combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, research suggests eating a handful may help maintain blood sugar stability. This shelf-stable snack, which has the ideal crunch, is available whenever and wherever you go.

6. Sugar-Free Frozen Juice Bars

A frozen fruit pop without sugar will quench your hunger. Aim for frozen juice bars with no more than 70 calories to satisfy your taste buds by experimenting with different fruit varieties. One sugar-free pop contains roughly 6 g of carbs, which is within the recommended snack range. You can also make your ice pops by freezing 4 ounces of unsweetened juice in molded containers and adding sticks.

7. Chia Seed Protein Bites

One serving has 72 calories. These energy bites are a great make-ahead snack because chia seeds add healthy fats, fiber, and crunch. In addition to being delicious, these treats contain nut butter, making them full and resistant to blood sugar spikes. Especially before or after a workout, roll these up for any time of day. Yogurt and smoothies can also benefit from chia seeds' appetite-controlling boost.

8. Avocado and lime for Heart Health

Avocado is an excellent addition to a diabetes diet since it is high in fiber and, although a fruit, has low sugar content. It's crucial to keep in mind that avocados are high in calories, so pay attention to portion control. A portion of 12 cups (about 12 of an avocado) has 120 calories, which is reasonable, and 5 g of fiber, an excellent source of filling up until your next meal.

9. Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

One hundred three calories are in 1/4 cup. Pumpkin seeds, which contain 7 grams of protein per ounce, can quickly satisfy hunger. If you are allergic to nuts, these seeds are a great replacement. According to studies, some ingredients in this holiday treat may slow down thegut's absorption of carbohydrates, maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Think about including simple, shelled types in salads and baked products. Additionally, they contain a lot of magnesium, and a mineral believed to promote heart function.

10. Fresh, Low-Fat Mozzarella with Juicy Tomatoes

Another excellent combination is fresh mozzarella and tomato. When it comes to cheese, it is advised to consume ordinary or low-fat cheese in moderation. Fresh mozzarella has 6 g of protein and 6 g of fat per ounce. Grape tomatoes have 8 g of carbohydrates per cup. Instead of dressing, replace it with a dab of heart-healthy olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and some seasoning salt and pepper. This snack has roughly 130 calories in total.

11. Greek Yoghurt

Greek yogurt offers more protein than regular yogurt, which makes it more filling and may help you feel fuller for longer, which may aid with weight control and blood sugar regulation. The combination of calcium and vitamin D in yogurt improves blood sugar control. Yogurt can be naturally sweetened with fresh berries or given some crunch by adding almonds.

12. Sliced, Crunchy Peppers with Low-Fat Garden Dip

For a crunchy snack that supplies more than 100% of the recommended vitamin C, slice 1 cup of sweet-tasting red bell peppers into strips. The snack is finished by dipping them in 1/4 cup creamy, low-fat garden vegetable dip. You can purchase pre-made dips or create your own by combining low-fat Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or low-fat sour cream with a prepared seasoning mixture.

13. Biena Chickpea Snacks

One hundred ten calories are found in 1 ounce. Want to create your roasted chickpeas? Purchase some Biena Roasted Chickpeas in its instead. These beans, which are available in interesting varieties like habanero, stay crispy longer than handmade ones, making them the ideal travel snack. These little balls are a powerful snack for people with diabetes since they are known to have five different bioactive chemicals that help regulate blood sugar.

Veggie slices and baked cheese crisps get a delicious, low-calorie baked cheese crisp or cracker when looking for delectable snacks. A 1-oz portion of Moon Cheese, comprised entirely of cheese, has just 1 g of carbohydrates. This snack goes well with any sliced raw vegetable, naturally low-fat and calorie snack.

14. Tex-Mex Popcorn

Popcorn is a great choice if you prefer a snack with many volumes. The standard serving is a staggering three cups, and popcorn is a blank slate that may be flavored with your flavors. The heat is turned up in this Tex-Mex variant. Popcorn's complex carbohydrates and fiber help prevent blood sugar spikes that other high-carb snacks cause.

15. Protein and a Good Fat in a Small Handful of Crunchy Pistachios

Pistachios have a significant amount of protein and a blend of good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that may lower your cholesterol. Lowering harmful cholesterol can also lower your risk of developing heart disease, a common complication of diabetes. A 1-oz serving, or 49 pistachio nuts without the shell, has roughly 160 calories.

16. Fiesta Shrimp Cocktail

134 calories in one cocktail. Although eating this as a snack could make you pretentious, this delicious appetizer is a delicious variation on a shrimp cocktail that can be made for one or several people. It's a good option for diabetics because it's high in protein and has a dash of peppery flavor.

17. Yogurt with Cinnamon on a Whole Grain Waffle

This filling choice is delicious and convenient to take with you. Toasting one frozen wholegrain waffle has 90 calories. To add 3.5 g of protein, top with three tablespoons of plain, lowfat Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has more protein content and fewer carbs than regular yogurt. For a quick 110 calorie snack, sprinkle cinnamon—a healthy, natural sweetener—over the top. Alternatively, smear some almond butter on for a boost of good fats.

18. Raw or Cooked Vegetables

100 g of cooked broccoli has 35 calories. With or without hummus or other dips, crisp snacks like fresh broccoli, cauliflower, or even dill pickles are delicious. Think outside the box and skewer some vegetables with vinaigrette. Remember that you may quickly roast any nonstarchy vegetable to create a snack that is convenient to eat.


These diets are great for people with diabetics, but ask your nutritionists to help you plan a better combination regarding any existing medical condition.

Updated on: 04-Apr-2023


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