10 Ways to Get Kids to Take the medicine

Getting kids to take medicine can be quite a task. Children usually hesitate to take medicines. They generally dislike the medicine's color, taste, and texture. Some kids also find it unnecessary, or it might scare them.

Children can be stubborn, and parents have expressed this often when doing things, they don't like. When the child suffers from an illness, he must take the required medicine even if he does not like it. Here are some ways in which parents can get their kids to take medicine −

1. You need to start with a Positive Approach

Positivity can change many issues, and the same rule applies to such conditions. You must stay positive and make your kid learn the same. Be positive. Soothingly talk to your child. Children usually observe the emotions and actions of their parents. Once you stay positive and reassure them that you are calm, they will try to understand. Once kids get older, they will understand things better. They will react positively to you, being encouraging and positive. Try not to get fussy while giving the child medicines. Stay positive, and the child will have a positive approach to the process.

2. Make Sure Your kids have a Little Control

Try to converse with your kids about why they need to take medicine. Let your kids know how the medicine will work. Let them know that it will make them feel better. Try to have this talk before giving medicine and ensure they are ready to take it. If you can choose from various flavors, let your child pick them. Let your kids know they can control which medicine they take.

3. Talk to the Doctor and Ask them for Tips

Some medicinal preparations have a more palatable flavor than others. Certain medications are only supposed to be taken in very specific amounts. These specifics can be gone over with the attending physician. They can offer advice on selecting drugs with better flavor and how to adjust the dosage so that the medicine does not need to be administered too frequently during the day.

4. Try to make the Taste of the Medicine better

There are some options available to make medicine taste better. For some kinds of medicines, pharmacists can add certain supplements to improve the medicine's taste. You can discuss with the doctor about this if your child can't take medicine as it is.

5. Mix the Medicine with the Food your Child Eats

You can break a capsule or medicine and mix it with your child's food. However, some medicines lose power when they are cracked open. Hence, it is better to talk about this with your doctor. When you discuss it with him, and he agrees to it, make sure your child eats all the food on the plate because only that way can he acquire the complete effect of the medicine.

6. Try to Cheat your Kids’ Tongue

You can cheat your kids’ tongue so that they take medicine. You can give them some syrup that will leave a taste on their tongue, or you can provide them with some candy that will leave a sweet taste in their mouth. You can also cover the container with which you give the medicine in sweet syrup or chocolate so that the kid gets a taste of the sweet syrup or the chocolate before the medicine gets into their mouth.

7. Give the Kids Small Gifts

Praise the kids, appreciate them, and let them know they did a good job. Along with praising the kids, give small gifts to your kids. Give them some stickers or some candies they like. You can also make the stickers remind the kids to take their medicine daily. This will make them feel appreciated, and taking medicine will become their favorite activity.

8. Let your Kids Learn to Swallow medicines

Children can start learning how to swallow properly once they reach the age of four. You may teach them how to swallow by starting them off with very small amounts of food like candy and gradually working their way up to larger ones. It is also possible to submerge the tablet in water, making it much simpler to provide the medication to the infant by mouth. If you want the youngster to learn how to swallow, try cutting up any food they have into tiny pieces.

9. Straws can be Put to Use

You can get the youngsters to drink the water using a straw rather than forcing them to use glasses of water all at once. This will help divert the kids’ attention away from the problem. In addition, this is an improved method for getting the drug down the kids’ throat. This will make the medication process easier for the system, and kids will also become stronger.

10. Nothing Works Anymore

When you feel like nothing works and can't get the kids to take medicine, try involving someone else. Try fooling them by wrapping yourself in a blanket and pretending to be a different person. If not, try to get your kids to take medicine through a caretaker because kids might take medicine easier from someone that isn't a parent. Taking medicine from a parent might not be a favorite task for them. And that is why involving someone who isn't the kids’ parent might help.


All said and done, getting your child to take medicine is a hectic task. But try to stay positive through the process. Once your child gets old enough to understand things, talk to it about the importance of taking medicine. For younger kids, try to get the medicine into the child's system by cheating his tongue or any other way discussed in the article. Try all the tips discussed. Observe your kids' reactions and constantly let them know they are doing a good job. You need to make them understand the effects of medicine, and they will start following you in some time. These are the ten tips that can help you give medicine to your child.

Updated on: 15-Feb-2023


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