10 Things You May (or May Not) Know Cause Skin Cancer

Individuals suffer from skin cancer when the skin cells start growing abnormally. These cells develop as long as your skin is exposed to sunlight. However, as per experts, individuals can also suffer from skin cancer if they are not exposed to the sun. Experts it is noted that Ultraviolet rays will enhance the chances of skin cancer.

Types of Skin Cancer

Individuals can suffer from different types of skin cancer. As per experts, skin cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed early. All need to understand different types of skin cancer.

Bcc or Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell Carcinoma seems to be one of the most common types of skin cancer. This skin cancer mainly develops among persons with fair complexions. This develops new cells when the old cells die. You can notice a red or pinkish bump on the skin. Individuals can suffer from this problem due to long-run exposure to the sun, or sometimes indoor tanning can also develop this situation.

This skin cancer type is mainly common around the neck and arms, but you can also notice BCC on your chest, legs, or abdomen. Early treatment for BCC is always suggested else it can develop deeply.

Scc or Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This is another common skin cancer type. This skin cancer originates in the squamous cells. The prime cause of SCC is prolonged exposure to the skin. This skin disorder is not life-threatening, but untreated SCC can become large and can create major complications. Persons can notice red lumps on the skin or patchy skin due to SCC.

Precancerous Skin Growth

People can sometimes notice dry or patchy skin due to too much exposure to the sun. This skin problem is known as AK or actinic keratosis. As per experts, AK is not skin cancer, but it is the growth of precancerous skin.


Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer, and it can spread fast. This cancer develops inside the moles or other dark spots on the skin. Hence doctors suggest starting treatment early to get the best result. Once an individual suffers from Melanoma, they can face the following problems.

  • Incurable sores

  • New inflammation around the border of the mole

  • Alteration in the mole surface

Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer develops due to errors in the DNA of skin cells. In this situation, skin cells mutate uncontrollably and can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer begins on the top layer of the skin. The top layer of the skin is known as the epidermis of the skin, and it provides shed to the human body.

The prime cause of skin cancer is extended exposure to the ultraviolet ray of the sun. The UV ray damages the skin cells and enhances the skin tanning process. Once the skin cells get damaged due to constant exposure to UV rays and cannot get repaired on time, the skin cells start growing abnormally.

Apart from excess exposure to UV rays, skin can also get damaged due to genetics, skin types, etc. Besides exposure to sunlight, other factors that are responsible for skin cell damage are mentioned below.

  • Individuals suffering from a weak immune system can suffer from skin cell damage. People can suffer from a weak immune system due to virus infection or other health issues.

  • Moles are also responsible for skin cancer.

  • If any of your family members have already suffered from skin cancer, you are the likelier to get infected with this disease.

  • If any person has already inherited xeroderma pigmentosum, he or she can suffer from skin cancer.

  • Individuals can also suffer from skin cancer due to overexposure to radiation therapy.

  • Excess smoking can also enhance the situation of skin cancer.

  • If any person is undergoing Psoriasis treatment, he or she can also suffer from skin cancer.

  • Any individual who has previously suffered from skin cancer is more prone to suffer from the same disease again.

  • Age is also another major factor for individuals suffering from skin cancer.

  • Different artificial lights, like sunlamps etc, are also responsible for developing skin cancer.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Skin cancer is nothing much to worry about, and normal treatment can easily reduce the symptoms of skin cancer. Experts start diagnosing skin cancer with a visual examination. Professionals from reputed organizations like the American Cancer Society suggest individuals for self-examination to diagnose the symptoms of skin cancer. An annual doctor visit is also recommended for those who are at risk of suffering from skin cancer.

Doctors normally recommend two common tests for diagnosing skin cancer- Biopsy and Imaging Tests.

  • Biopsy − It is a procedure to remove the skin cells, and doctors collect the skin samples from the body for lab testing. Doctors perform three types of skin biopsies depending on the skin condition. These are shaving Biopsy, punch Biopsy, and excisional Biopsy.

    Skin biopsy is necessary to diagnose and treat skin cancer. It will also help to diagnose other skin problems like Actinic keratosis, inflamed skin conditions, skin tags, skin infections, growth of moles, etc.

  • Imaging test − Imaging tests are necessary to diagnose the skin cancer type. This test includes a CT scan, x-ray, or PET scan. However, some experts don’t recommend imaging tests for skin cancer at an early stage because they feel imaging tests can develop other health issues.

Once doctors diagnose the skin cancer type and its stage, they recommend the necessary treatment options.

  • Doctors recommend excisional surgery for any type of skin cancer. This surgery will remove extra cancerous tissue.

  • Individuals who are suffering from recurring and extended skin cancer, doctors often recommend Mohs surgery as the best treatment. Here the layers of skin growth are removed one after another.

  • Radiation therapy is another treatment option that uses dynamic energy beams. This radiation therapy helps to kill cancer cells.

  • Chemotherapy - Drugs are used in chemotherapy to kill cancerous skin cells. Doctors inject this drug into the vein or ask the patient to take the pill.


Skin cancer can easily be treated if this is diagnosed early. Individuals normally suffer from this skin problem if they are overexposed to sunlight. Doctors suggest opting for necessary treatment to treat skin cancer early.

Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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