10 Rules for Washing Your Face: Dermatologists' Dos and Don'ts

Women are always concerned about taking care of their skin and they always opt for taking suggestions from consultants regarding taking proper care of face skin. Proper washing of the face is one of the most significant ways to maintain your skin. Some may get amazed to listen that how face washing can keep skin glowing and well-maintained. But following the instructions of Dermatologists, simple face washing can keep your skin glowing. 

Rules to follow for proper face wash

As per research, it has been noticed that many make some mistakes while washing their face. Washing the face in the right ways comes with loads of benefits like the removal of acne or pollutants. Let's check the essential rules to follow while washing your face. 

Selection of appropriate cleanser

Selecting the right cleanser plays a vital role in facial skin maintenance. Many often select the cleanser that their friends or relatives use. But, here, you need to be extremely careful and should choose the cleanser depending on your skin tone or texture. A dermatologist often suggests using a non-foaming or hydrating cleanser for extremely sensitive skin tones. 

Again, those who have oily and acne-prone skin always need to use foaming face cleansers, as per dermatologists. As per experts, oily skin needs deep cleansing, and a foaming cleanser can do the best for oily skin. If you have combination skin, a gentle foaming cleanser is always suggested to keep your skin glowing. 

Clean your face twice a day

Whenever you clean your face, it will remove all dirt and pollutants from your skin. Experts suggest cleaning the face twice, which will help keep your skin glowing. Cleaning the face once in the morning and before sleep is necessary. During sleep, your skin accumulates huge bacteria and other pollutants. Hence, while you clean your face in the morning, it will remove all these pollutants. Besides removing dirt, washing your face will prevent your face from clogged pores. 

Remove makeup

Women often suffer from skin irritation due to clogged pores due to male-up. Here you need to clean makeup every time with the right cleanser or makeup removal using cotton pads. Experts also suggest using water-based makeup removals for proper maintenance of facial skin. 

Luke warm water

No doubt cold water has the benefit of giving your skin a healthy appearance. But lukewarm water is also beneficial to remove oils from the skin. Using warm water helps reduce the chances of opening pores for those whose skin is acne prone. Again, using lukewarm water is good for keeping your skin free from bacterial infection. But, people who have dry skin are suggested not to wash their face with hot water. Excess use of hot water while cleaning the face may dry your skin. 

Use perfect toner or astringent

Experts often suggest using toner or astringent as per your skin's requirements. Toner helps to maintain the pH level of the skin, and it improves the skin tone. One can use toner two times per day. Toner helps to refresh and brighten the skin. Using a toner is good for all skin types. 

Use a fingertip to clean your face

Take face wash on the palm and rub it on the skin in a circular motion, gently using a fingertip. Rub the face wash all over your face for 10 seconds. You need to apply the face wash on your nose, jawline, and forehead, including your cheeks. The cleanser should not be applied around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and hence. 

Don't Exfoliate too often 

As per experts, exfoliation is always a good option to remove dead cells from the skin. Exfoliation is one of the prime parts of face wash. However, as per experts over, exfoliation can damage your skin tissue. Especially people who have sensitive skin are suggested not to use exfoliation often. Regular exfoliation can hurt the skin tissues and can create stress on the skin. Once your skin faces excess stress, it can adversely impact on skin. One can take suggestions from dermatologists relating to the frequency of exfoliation. 

Double cleansing of your face

Double cleansing means you wash your face two times back to back. This process is necessary for those who suffer from acne. Double cleansing will help to remove makeup from your skin properly, and it will also clean all dirt from your skin. However, it is noticed that the face-washing period should not get continued for more than 2 minutes; else, it can stress your skin.  

Use moisturizers

It is always suggested to use moisturizers while you wash your face every time. Face wash removes oils from your skin, and moisturizers restore it. The application of moisturizers will help to keep the skin hydrated. Different branded moisturizers are available in the market, and you can use them after your face wash.

Rub your skin the proper way

Rubbing skin in the wrong way will damage the skin. It is always necessary to rub the skin gently and in the proper method to keep your face skin toned and glowing. It is always recommended to apply light, gentle massage on the skin for the best care. 

Benefits of regular face cleansing

Whether men or women, all need to wash their face regularly to get healthy skin. The prime cause of face wash is to keep the skin hydrated. The more you keep your skin hydrated, you will get glowing and healthy skin. 

Face wash helps to clean your face and it will regulate the extra sebum production and maintain skin health. 

Hence dermatologists always suggest facing cleaning two a day. Proper face wash will help your skin to stay away from premature aging. Especially all should clean their face before going to sleep. 

Proper washing of the face is another helpful way to keep your skin free from acne. Acne develops due to bacterial infection, and proper face wash helps to remove dirt from the skin. Regular face wash will give you younger-looking skin. 


As per experts, face wash is necessary to maintain your skin health. All can consult a dermatologist regarding proper face wash techniques and their probable benefits.