WML - Fonts

WML does not support <font> element, but there are other WML elements, which you can use to create different font effects like underlined text, bold text and italic text, etc.

These tags are given in the following table:

WML Elements Purpose
<b> Defines bold text
<big>  Defines big text
<em> Defines emphasized text
<i> Defines italic text
<small> Defines small text
<strong> Defines strong text
<u> Defines underlined text

These elements support the following attributes:

xml:langlanguage_codeSets the language used in the element
classclass dataSets a class name for the element.
idelement IDA unique ID for the element.

Following is the example showing usage of these elements.

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<card title="Text Formatting">
  <b>bold text</b><br/>
  <big>big text</big><br/>
  <em>emphasized text</em><br/>
  <i>italic text</i><br/>
  <small>small text</small><br/>
  <strong>strong text</strong><br/>
  <u>underlined text</u>


This will produce the following result:

WAP Example 6