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Web Services


Web services are open standard ( XML, SOAP, HTTP etc.) based Web applications that interact with other web applications for the purpose of exchanging data

Web Services can convert your existing applications into Web-applications.

In this tutorial you will learn what exactly Web Services are and Why and How to use them.

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Table of Contents

What are Web Services ?
This section explains fundamentals of Web Services.

Why Web Services ?
This section explains why and how to use Web Services.

Web Services Characteristics
This chapter gives you detail of behavioral characteristics of Web Services.

Web Services Architecture
This section explain architecture and protocol stack of Web Services.

Web Services Components
This section explain web services components SOAP, WDSL and UDDI.

Web Services Examples
In this chapter you will see how to develope Web Services Applications.

Web Services Security
This chapter gives you a detail of Security Consideration for Web Services.

Web Services Standards
This chapter explains Web Services Standards.

What is Next
This section guides you to follow next step after completion of this tutorial.

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