Scrapy - Define an Item


Items are the containers used to collect the data that is scrapped from the websites. You must start your spider by defining your Item. To define items, edit file found under directory first_scrapy (custom directory). The looks like the following −

import scrapy  

class First_scrapyItem(scrapy.Item): 
   # define the fields for your item here like: 
      # name = scrapy.Field()

The MyItem class inherits from Item containing a number of pre-defined objects that Scrapy has already built for us. For instance, if you want to extract the name, URL, and description from the sites, you need to define the fields for each of these three attributes.

Hence, let's add those items that we want to collect −

from scrapy.item import Item, Field  

class First_scrapyItem(scrapy.Item): 
   name = scrapy.Field() 
   url = scrapy.Field() 
   desc = scrapy.Field() 
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