Pure.CSS - Overview


Pure is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) developed by YAHOO. It helps in creating faster, beautiful, and responsive websites.

Some of its salient features are as follows −

  • In-built responsive design
  • Standard CSS with minimal footprint
  • Set of small, responsive CSS modules
  • Free to use

Responsive Design

Pure has an in-built responsive design such that the website created using Pure will redesign itself as per the device size. Pure has a 12 column mobile-first fluid grid that supports responsive classes for small, large, and medium screen sizes.

Pure classes are created in such a way that the website can fit any screen size. The websites created using Pure are fully compatible with PC, tablets, and mobile devices.

Standard CSS

Pure uses standard CSS only and it is very easy to learn. There is no dependency on any external JavaScript library such as jQuery.


Pure is by design very minimal and flat. It is designed considering the fact that it is much easier to add new CSS rules than to overwrite existing CSS rules. By adding a few lines of CSS, Pure's appearance can be customized to work with an existing web project.

It supports shadows and bold colors. The colors and shades remain uniform across various platforms and devices. And most important of all, it is absolutely free to use.