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Prototype Array Processing

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Prototype extends all native JavaScript arrays with quite a few powerful methods.

This is done in two ways:

  • It mixes in the Enumerable module, which brings a ton of methods in already.

  • It adds quite a few extra methods, which are documented in this section.

Using Iterators:

One important support provided by Prototype is that you can use java like iterator in JavaScript. See the difference below:

Traditional way of writing a for loop:

for (var index = 0; index < myArray.length; ++index) {
  var item = myArray[index];
  // Your code working on item here...

Now if you are using Prototype then you can replace above code as follows:

myArray.each(function(item) {
  // Your code working on item here...

Here is the list of all the functions with examples dealing with Array.

Prototype Array Methods:

NOTE: Make sure you have at least version 1.6 of prototype.js.

clear()Clears the array (makes it empty).
clone()Returns a duplicate of the array, leaving the original array intact.
compact()Returns a new version of the array, without any null/undefined values.
each()Iterates over the array in ascending numerical index order.
first()Returns the first item in the array, or undefined if the array is empty.
flatten()Returns a "flat" (one-dimensional) version of the array.
from()Clones an existing array or creates a new one from an array-like collection.
indexOf()Returns the position of the first occurrence of the argument within the array.
inspect()Returns the debug-oriented string representation of an array.
last()Returns the last item in the array, or undefined if the array is empty.
reduce()Reduces arrays: one-element arrays are turned into their unique element, while multiple-element arrays are returned untouched.
reverse()Returns the reversed version of the array. By default, directly reverses the original. If inline is set to false, uses a clone of the original array.
size()Returns the size of the array.
toArray()This is just a local optimization of the mixed-in toArray from Enumerable.
toJSON()Returns a JSON string.
uniq()Produces a duplicate-free version of an array. If no duplicates are found, the original array is returned.
without()Produces a new version of the array that does not contain any of the specified values.

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