MongoDB - Sort Records


The sort() Method

To sort documents in MongoDB, you need to use sort() method. sort() method accepts a document containing list of fields along with their sorting order. To specify sorting order 1 and -1 are used. 1 is used for ascending order while -1 is used for descending order.


Basic syntax of sort() method is as follows



Consider the collection myycol has the following data

{ "_id" : ObjectId(5983548781331adf45ec5), "title":"MongoDB Overview"}
{ "_id" : ObjectId(5983548781331adf45ec6), "title":"NoSQL Overview"}
{ "_id" : ObjectId(5983548781331adf45ec7), "title":"Tutorials Point Overview"}

Following example will display the documents sorted by title in descending order.

{"title":"Tutorials Point Overview"}
{"title":"NoSQL Overview"}
{"title":"MongoDB Overview"}

Please note if you don't specify the sorting preference, then sort() method will display documents in ascending order.