i-Mode - Services

The highly convenient functions offered by i-mode are enriching our lifestyles by crossing the conventional boundaries of mobile phone functions.

Some of the services that are now available with i-mode include game playing, video viewing and convenient access to the latest news and weather forecasts.

i-appli: i-mode with Java

This service group consists of software (programs) used with i-mode compatible mobile phone terminals. Downloading the software makes it possible to automatically update the news and weather forecast displays as well as to play new games.

i-area: Location Based Service

This is DoCoMo's location information service. The i-area service enables the user to check the weather forecast, traffic and store information, and other convenient information for local areas as well as the map information to the user's current location.

i-motion : Dynamic Video Content

This feature refers to video distribution programs for i-mode mobile phone terminals and the contents. The high-speed packet communication of FOMA entertains users with the latest movie theatre information and details of the sports highlights available in video.

i-motion mail

This service transfers video captured with an i-motion compatible mobile phone via e-mail. It features a transmission speed of up to 15 frames/sec, thus permitting smooth motion video to be enjoyed on a mobile phone.

i-shot : Digital Camera Capability

A function that supports transfer of still images captured with an i-mode compatible phone. The images may also be sent to mobile phones of other carriers and PCs.


This service distributes the latest news, weather forecasts, and other information to i-channel compatible i-mode phones. The information is displayed on a standby screen without any special operation and users can access more detailed information by pressing a button.