GDB - Summary

After going through this tutorial, you must have gained a good understanding of debugging a C or C++ program using GNU Debugger. Now it should be very easy for you to learn the functionality of other debuggers because they are very similar to GDB. It is highly recommended that you go through other debuggers as well to become familiar with their features.

There are quite a few good debuggers available in the market:

  • DBX Debugger - This debugger ships along with Sun Solaris and you can get complete information about this debugger using the man page of dbx, i.e., man dbx.

  • DDD Debugger - This is a graphical version of dbx and freely available on Linux. To have a complete detail, use the man page of ddd, i.e., man ddd.

You can get a comprehensive detail about GNU Debugger from the following link: Debugging with GDB