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Earned Value Management - EVM

PMP Exams   

Earned Value Management (EVM) technique used to track the Progress and Status of a Project & Forecast the likely future performance of the Project.

Earned Value Management (EVM) technique integrates the scope, schedule and cost.

If you are a project manager, then its important for you to learn EVM.

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Project Management Concepts

Table of Contents

Earned Value Management - An Overview
This chapter gives an overview of Earned Value Management.

Earned Value Management - Basic Elements
This chapter gives brief description of all the basic elements, which are part of EVM.

Earned Value Management - Cost Variance
This chapter covers Cost Variance, Cost Variance Index and Cost Variance Percentage.

Earned Value Management - Schedule Variance
This chapter covers Schedule Variance, Schedule Variance Index and Schedule Variance Percentage.

Earned Value Management - Miscellaneous Formula
This chapter covers various formula like BAC, EAC, VAC, etc.

Earned Value Management - Example
This chapter gives you one example, which will make you clear on how to calculate EVM and other variances.

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