Data Warehousing - Future Aspects


Following are the future aspects of Data Warehousing.

  • As we have seen that the size of the open database has grown approximately double the magnitude in last few years. This change in magnitude is of greater significance.

  • As the size of the databases grow , the estimates of what constitutes a very large database continues to grow.

  • The Hardware and software that are available today do not allow to keep a large amount of data online. For example a Telco call record require 10TB of data to be kept online which is just a size of one month record. If It require to keep record of sales, marketing customer, employee etc. then the size will be more than 100 TB.

  • The record not only contain the textual information but also contain some multimedia data. Multimedia data cannot be easily manipulated as text data. Searching the multimedia data is not an easy task whereas the textual information can be retrieved by the relational software available today.

  • Apart from size planning, building and running ever-larger data warehouse systems are very complex. As the number of users increases the size of the data warehouse also increases. These users will also require to access to the system.

  • With growth of internet there is requirement of users to access data online.

Hence the Future shape of data warehouse will be very different from what is being created today.