Computer Concepts - Services on Internet

Internet acts as a carrier for numerous diverse services, each with its own distinctive features and purposes.

World Wide Web and Websites

World Wide Web is being used on internet right now. WWW is the name given to all resources of the internet, which you can access with a web browser. It was created as a method for incorporating footnotes, figures and cross-references into online documents in the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland in 1989. The web makers wanted to make a simple method to access documents that are stored on a network, without searching through indexes or directories of files, and without physically copying documents from one computer to another before viewing them. To do this, they made a way to "connect" documents that were stored in different locations on a single computer, or different computers on a network.

Terminologies related to WWW

Web documents can be linked together, and are called "Hypertext". Hypertext systems offer an easy approach to manage huge collections of data, which includes text files, pictures, sounds, movies and more. In a hypertext system, when you view a document or your computer screen, you can also access all the data that is linked to it. To support hypertext documents, web uses a protocol called "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" (HTTP). A hypertext document is a specially encoded file that uses "Hypertext Markup Language" (HTML). HTTP and Links are foundation for WWW. Web page is displayed in the web browser. It is a kind of word processing document which contains pictures, sounds and even movies along with text.


A collection of associated web pages is called "Website". Websites are housed on the web servers. Copying a page onto a server is called "publishing" the page, which is also called "posting or uploading".

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