Computer Concepts - Search Engines

Search Engine is an application that allows you to search for content on the web. It displays multiple web pages based on the content or a word you have typed.

The most popular search engines are listed below.


Google is the most popular and robust search engine launched in the year 1997 by Google Inc. It was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is written using C, C++ and Python. Beyond searching content, it also provides weather forecasts, sports score, temperatures, area codes, language translation, synonyms, etc. Now-a-days the advancement is still more, that it displays maps in a touch. It is used by 4+ million users across the world.

Google Home Page


Bing is also a popular search engine launched by Microsoft in the year 2009. It is written using ASP .Net language. It is used to search web content, video, images, maps, etc.

Bing Home Page


Yahoo is a common search engine launched by Yahoo in the year 1995. It is a multilingual search engine and written using PHP language.

Yahoo Home Page


Ask is the most popular search engine and application for e-business which was launched by IAO in the year 1996. It was developed by Garrett Gruener, David Warthen, and Douglas Leeds.

Ask Home Page


America Online is a popular search engine launched in the year 1993 by AOL Inc. At first, it was called as control Video Corporation. The founders of AOL are Marc Seriff, Steve Case, and Jim Kimsey.

AOL Home Page

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