Computer Concepts - Output Devices

Output devices help to display output to user. Some of output devices are −

Output Devices Characteristics Image


A monitor is most common type of output device.

It is also called as "Visual Display Unit".

The inputs given by keyboard or any other input devices will get displayed on monitor.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Flat panel display monitors are commonly used monitors.



Printers are most common type of output devices which are used to take a hard copy of any digital document.

The two types of printers are impact and non-impact printers.

Non-impact printers such as laser and inkjet printers are less noisy, more reliable and faster and also offer high quality compared to impact printers.


Sound Systems

Sound systems are output devices which are used to get multimedia content such as voice, music, etc., as output. Some of examples of sound systems are speakers, headphones, and microphones. Sound Systems
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