Opening and Closing Documents

Word automatically starts with a blank page. For opening a new file, click on "New".

  • To close a document, click "X" in the upper right corner of window.

Closing Documents

Opening the document

To open an already existing document, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the "File → Open".

  • From the window opened, select a file you want to open and double click on it or just right-click and select "open".

  • Shortcut key is Ctrl + O.

Go To File

Select Open

Click Open

Save and Save As

After finishing our work, we must save the document permanently, as it is useful for future reference.

  • As RAM is a temporary storage memory, we must save our file on the hard disk.

  • To save a document, go to "File" menu and select "Save" option

  • Shortcut key is "Ctrl + S".

  • Then the file gets saved under a default name.

Go To File

Select Save Word File

Select Location

Enter File Name

Select Save

Save As option is used to rename a file.

  • If you want to save your document in another location with same or different name, you can use "Save As" option.

  • The shortcut key for Save As is "F12".

  • To use Save As option in a document, follow the below steps −

    • Go to File menu

    • Click Save As

    • Select the drive where you want to save the document.

    • Then type any Name in the File Name box at the bottom of dialog box.

    • Then click Save option.

Go To File

Select Save As

Select Location

Enter File Name

Select Save

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