Computer Concepts - Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox

Inbox − Inbox is an area where you can see all the received mails.

Inbox mail

Outbox − Outbox is an area where the outgoing messages or messages which are in process of sending or which are failed to send are stored.

Sent mail − Sent mail is an area to view all the sent or successfully delivered mails.

Sent Mail

Creating and sending a new E-mail

In order to send a new text message to the user, first create or compose the message which includes the following steps.

Step 1 − Open your mail account by providing correct User name and Password.

Providing Credentials

Step 2 − Compose or create your message by selecting "compose" option shown in the window.

Compose Email

Step 3 − In the window displayed, enter recipient’s address in "To" textbox and add "Subject" of message, then add a "Body" of the message and press "Send" button. Remember, the subject of the mail should be explicit and short.

Compose Email Body

Replying to an E-mail message

Replying is giving response to the received mail which includes the following steps.

Step 1 − Open an email to which you want to reply and press the "Reply" button or press "Shift+R" on the keyboard.

Click Reply

Reply Enter Message

Step 2 − In the window displayed, enter "Body" of the mail and click "Send" button. The mail will be sent automatically to the corresponding person without having to re-type the "To" address.

Send Composed Email

Forwarding an E-mail message

Forwarding is a process of resending an email message that you received from another email id. This option saves time as the user doesn’t have to re-type the same message again. It includes the following steps.

Step 1 − Open the email which you want to forward and click on "Forward" option or press "Shift + F" on the keyboard.

Select Forward

Step 2 − In the window displayed, enter the recipient address in "To" textbox and press "Send" button. The mail will be forwarded to the corresponding person.

Enter Receivers MailId

Send Mail

Sorting and Searching emails

Here, we will discuss about how to sort and search the existing emails −

Sorting Emails

Sorting helps you to arrange mails or messages in an orderly fashion. It includes the following steps.

Step 1 − Click arrow adjacent to "Sort by date", a default sort option visible at the top of the window.

Mail Sort by Date

Step 2 − Click on any of the options from dropdown list displayed.

  • Date − Sort in chronological order as per the date of received mail.

  • Unread messages − Sort mails based on unopened messages.

  • Attachments − Sort mails based on the size of attachments.

  • Starred − Sort mails based on bookmarked or important messages.

  • Sender − Sort mails in alphabetical order based on the sender’s name.

  • Subject − Sort mails based on the subject.

Mail Sorting Option

Searching Emails

Searching email is a process of finding the desired email without going through all the emails.

Step 1 − Type the name, email id or key-term in the search box displayed on top of the window.

Searching Emails

Enter Search Key

Step 2 − From the list of displayed mails, select desired mail or message.

Select Desire Mail

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