Computer Concepts - Internet etiquettes

  • Internet etiquettes are also called as "Netiquette".

  • Netiquettes are basic rules or techniques which are accepted worldwide. For effective communication through the internet, these are to be mandatorily followed.

  • Some of the internet etiquettes are as follows −

Short messages

  • Messages you send through internet should be short and to the point.

Spell check

  • Activate spell check feature in your document to avoid spelling mistakes while typing.


  • Instead of using a single case (either lower/upper) throughout the entire message, try to use mixed-case. This increases readability.

  • For example, start with uppercase letters at the beginning of a line and paragraph, write the headings in uppercase letters and body with mixed-case letters.


  • Always have a hint related to your content as a subject. The subject ought to be a phrase rather than a complete sentence, providing the crux of email.

Carbon copy

  • The mail addresses of the important people who are intended to read the content of email should only be added in CC (carbon copy).

Blind carbon copy

  • You can go with 'blind carbon copy' option when you are broadcasting the mail, especially among recipients who are unfamiliar.

  • This avoids recipients from knowing other's email addresses.

Name at the bottom

  • Include your name at the bottom of every mail or message you sent.

  • This helps to identify the sender, especially when you multicast or broadcast the message.

Attachments to be small

  • Keep the attachments small with respect to memory size, as it clogs (block) the recipient's mailbox.

  • Try to avoid sending files larger than 2 megabytes.

Do not forward unwanted messages

  • Avoid forwarding unwanted messages as well as the messages that do not belong to you.


  • Use abbreviations wisely.

Send button

  • As you cannot change anything mail once it is sent, think twice before you hit the send button.

  • Check whether you have conveyed everything in a formal language before hitting the send button.

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