Computer Concepts - Configuring Web Browser

Configuring a web browser is organizing or changing the settings of the browser in a format presentable to the user.

Configuring Microsoft Edge

Configuring Microsoft Edge includes the following steps −

Step 1 − Open Microsoft Edge via shortcut icon in the task bar or "Start Menu".

Windows Start Menu

Step 2 − Select Microsoft Edge.

Select Microsoft Edge


Select Shortcut Key

Step 3 − Click "Settings" from the "Settings and more" menu.

Select Settings and More

Select Settings Option

Step 4 − From window opened, make changes to the settings.

General Settings

Change Account Settings

Change Advance Settings

Configuring Google Chrome

Step 1 − Open Google Chrome via icon in the task bar or "Start Menu".

Windows Start Menu

Select Google Chrome

Step 2 − Click three vertical dots icon (Vertical Dots) present at upper right corner of the window and go to "Settings" option from the menu displayed.

Customize Control Google Chrome

Select Browser Setting

Step 3 − From the window opened, change settings of people, appearance, search engine, default browser, startup and advanced tabs.

Change Browser Settings

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