Computer Concepts - Configuring Email Client

Configuring email client is setting up a client which includes the following steps −

Step 1 − Open Outlook Express using "Start Menu" or using search option under the start menu. Once the outlook window is open, press "Next" button at the bottom of the outlook express window.

Select Start Menu

Select Outlook 2013

Welcome to Outlook

Step 2 − Then "Add an email account" window pops up showing "Do you want to set up outlook to connect to an email account?"

Check mark the 'Yes' radio button and hit NEXT.

Click Next

Step 3 − Then "Auto account set up" window opens showing the details of the mail account to be configured. After providing corresponding details, press "Next" button.

Auto account SetUp

Step 4 − The server will verify your email and then an email client will get configured once you press the finish button.

Finish Button

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