Australian Football - Handballing & Kicking


It is the method of disposing the ball by hand and is one of the frequently used alternatives of kicking. In this case, a player holds the ball in one hand and punches the ball away with a clenched fist of the other hand. In kicking, catching a ball after 15 metres is considered as marking whereas in case of handballing, after catching a ball, a player again disposes of the ball without interrupting the match.

Failing to execute the handball correctly results in a free kick to the nearest opposition player. Cases which results in free kick are −

  • Moving the hand, in which the player is holding the ball, excessively in the direction of the handpass.

  • Using open hand instead of clenched fist to punch away the ball.

  • Throwing off the ball from the carrying hand before punching it away

  • Ball handling directly to a teammate.


Kicking is the process of striking the ball with a foot. In case of Australian football kicking is the primary method of transferring the ball. Different kicking styles are used in Australian football based on the situation and position of the goal posts or player on the marking point.

Different styles of kicking are there in the sport based on how the ball is held in hand. The most common style of kicking in modern sports is drop punt. Other frequently used kicking styles are torpedo punt, checkside punt, etc. We will discuss the different kicking styles in detail in the next chapter.

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