World Diabetes Day 2018: Here Are The Tips to Prevent Diabetes In Young Children And Teens

As per the International Diabetes Federation(IDF), there are 425 million people who are currently living with diabetes. The theme for this year's World Diabetes Day, which falls on 14th November, is The Family and Diabetes.

Most of the people who are suffering from diabetes have type 2 diabetes, which can be called a lifestyle disorder rather than a disease. It can be totally prevented and controlled by modifying the way of living. The stage before the onset of diabetes, where sugars are high in blood but still not categorized as diabetes is called prediabetic stage. Doctors say that 70% prediabetics can become normal. Thankfully this is a reversible ailment in the initial stages.

One will have high chances of getting type 2 diabetes if you have been overweight or a parent or sibling already got diabetes or you have a very lethargic lifestyle. Families play a key role in modifying the risk of type 2 diabetes by providing a suitable lifestyle. According to IDF, all families are potentially affected by Diabetes, and one of every two people who is currently affected by diabetes is undiagnosed. Diabetes is an expensive disease and many families are spending a major chunk of their earnings to keep it in control.

With the changing lifestyle and usage of gadgets, young children and teens are more and more affected by diabetes. These kids once attacked by Diabetes have to live with cardiovascular risk forever, and a young adult diagnosed with diabetes will lose 10 to 15 years of their active life. It has become a new age parenting problem to monitor not only their health but also their kid's health to prevent the attack of Diabetes on the family.

As it is rightly said, Prevention is always better than Cure. Every family should be aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes to prevent their young children from this deadly lifestyle disorder. Here are some tips to prevent Diabetes −

  • Involve in regular physical activity − Nowadays teens have forgotten to play due to overindulgence with their smartphones and social media. Take a family walk or regular outings to keep children away from these addictions. Encourage them to exercise and engage in physical activities like gymming and sports.

  • Maintain a healthy diet − Parents should take care that their kids get complete balanced food. Make them a habit of eating healthy food since childhood and avoid junk and processed food. Eating excess calories than required should be discouraged from childhood. Give them homemade healthy snacks and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Watch your kids weight and at the slightest sign of obesity, jump into action.

  • Watch out their addictions − Teenage is the highly susceptible age to get addicted to smoking and drinking. Counsel your kids and warn them at the right time. Keep a close watch on your kid's habits and behavior before it is too late to put them on right track.

Please don’t wait to determine your or your child’s risk for Diabetes. With a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, the entire family can live longer and happier.