Wonju: A Bhutanese Tradition and Pride

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Everybody loves and respects their heritage and all those things that are associated with it. People feel proud of their country and their native dress. Dressing can be one’s identity. People could identify themselves through their clothing and dressing style without saying anything or investing in a single word. Wonju is a part of Bhutan’s traditional dress, which is a must-wear item at any royal event or traditional event. Bhutan’s cultural heritage, dance and this traditional way of dressing are appreciated and cherished by the beholders from around the world who visit Bhutan for tourism and travel and their wonderthirst.

What is Wonju?

A wonju is a traditional top or blouse, like clothing for Bhutanese women. It is part of the national dress code, which is called Driglam Namzha, and an order by the government. A wonju should be worn with the combination kira, which is a bottom worn with a belt and dress clip like koma is famous.

Cultural Phenomenon of Bhutan

Bhutanese differentiate themselves from the outer world with their dress code and unique style of culture. Bhutan’s authorities make sure that their orders are followed by the citizens of Bhutan. No one can enter the temple without wearing the traditional clothing.

The Beauty of Bhutan

The beautiful country with its own culture, Bhutan, is the natural hub and a peaceful tourist spot for the busy urban city dwellers. One could find peace of mind and soul from the beauty of natural phenomena in Bhutan. The country has a strict and stable ecosystem, which proctors the natural virtues and the environment. Bhutan is the happiest country itself. This small and beautiful country catches the eyes of tourists with its conservation of forests and colourful culture of folk dances like joenpa legso, cham, etc. It is eye-catching. Bhutan is carrying on their heritage with a dress code that ensures that they should show less of their body parts and skin. Dresses like Gho, Wonju, Kira, Kera, Toego, Renchu, Khata, and Kabney carry the uniqueness of their heritage and culture.

Textile Sources of Bhutan

The Himalayan country is a source of textile materials. Most of them are hand woven from raw cotton, raw silk, etc. Bhutan is famous for its sources of textile material all over the world.

  • Pattern of wonju- Wonju has long sleeves blouse or top It can be made with a round neck or a collar with different types of trims on its edges. A variety of trims can be used, like with golden or net materials printed with a variety of colours.

  • Dress materials of a wonju- A wonju can be made of silk, cotton, polyester, etc.

  • Associate clothing- A wonju should wear with Rachu, koma, kira, tego

  • Colour - A wonju can be found in a variety of colours.

  • Type of wonjo dress- Wonju dresses can be handmade, woollen, or embroidered with various trims. A wonju should be light in weight.

  • Occasions for wearing a wonju- A woman of Bhutan must wear and follow the dress code when she needs to attend any traditional event in the country. It is a role made for the common people of Bhutan or one will not allow the event. Any traditional festival's events of the marriage of royal peoples. Not only for the women of the country, the rule has to be followed by every man, woman, and child of Bhutan. No one can enter a temple if he or she is not wearing traditional dress. Women should wear this long-sleeve blouse with Kira at the bottom part of the dress.


We all love and appreciate our traditional way of dressing. It could be our identity and uniqueness to the rest of the world. One can be a representative of their own culture and country by wearing and appearing in their traditional dress. Bhutan is a small, beautiful country where mother nature has poured her love with the beautiful landscape, charming mountains and hills, and colourful forest always calling nature lovers towards Bhutan. The beautiful people of Bhutan attract travellers and enthusiastic people towards them with their colourful, royal, and convenient way of dressing. A wonju is a part of their culture, which is expressed and explained here in various ways.

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