Distinguish between a parasite and a saprotroph.

The differences between Parasites and Saprophytes are as follows:-

Parasites Saprophytes
1. It is defined as the organism that grows or lives on the body of another organism and derives nutrients from it.
1. It is defined as the organism that obtains nutrients from the dead and decaying organisms.
2. They take the ready-made food directly from the host.
2. They take the digested and decayed food.

3. They are Eukaryotic organisms.

3. They are both, Eukaryotic as well as Prokaryotic organisms.
4. They are harmful to the host and may lead to death.4. They are not harmful to the living organisms rather they are helpful for the environment.
5. They possess Intracellular digestion.
5. They possess Extracellular digestion.
6. Examples: Plasmodium, Cuscuta, etc.
6. Examples: Fungi and Bacteria


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Updated on: 27-Apr-2023


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