Why use Selenium WebDriver for Web Automation?

Selenium webdriver is used widely for web automation. This because of the reasons listed below −

  • Selenium webdriver comes without any cost and we do not need to buy a license for its usage. We can just download and start using it for automating the test cases.

  • Selenium webdriver can be used to stimulate human-like actions like drag and drop, keypress, click and hold, and so on. This is done with the help of the Actions class.

  • Selenium webdriver has a very friendly API which makes it easier for the users.

  • Selenium webdriver can support multiple languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C# and so on.

  • Selenium webdriver can be used to test an application in multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and so on.

  • Selenium webdriver can be integrated with external testing frameworks like TestNG, Maven and JUnit.

  • Selenium webdriver can be used with continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

  • Selenium webdriver has a big and active community where we can post our Selenium related queries for solutions.

  • Selenium webdriver can be used on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on.

  • Selenium webdriver helps to execute test cases in headless mode. An execution in headless mode saves a considerable amount of resources and time.

  • Selenium webdriver has the ability to test more than one device like Android, Blackberry, and iPhones.

  • Selenium webdriver gives the option to reuse test cases since after a test case has been created it can be made to execute in more than one browser.

  • Selenium webdriver supports various types of testing like smoke, sanity, regression, integration, acceptance, and so on.

  • Selenium webdriver is highly flexible and is compatible with many test management tools and third party APIs.