Why is it not good to sleep on the stomach for the whole night?

Some people think that it does not matter what position one sleeps. But, the truth is that the sleep position can play a role in snoring, heartburn, and even wrinkles. A common observation is that if a person sleeps 6-8 hours a day, technically one–third of a day sleeping, he spends nearly one-third of his life sleeping then!

Cons In Case of Stomach Sleepers

  • Spine gets affected the most in this position. This is because the middle part of our body is exactly where most of the weight is, so it is not possible to maintain perfect alignment of the spine at night.

  • It is said to affect one’s neck and produce discomfort throughout the night.

  • It is the worst nightmare for pregnant women. It is obvious what harms it can produce for these women.

  • It is the worst position to sleep because of the problems it creates in digesting food. When one has a full stomach and sleeps in such a position, more food can press against the sphincter, thereby allowing the contents of the stomach to re-enter the esophagus.

Thus, because of these disadvantages to one’s posture, sleeping on the stomach should be avoided.