Why is it important to play outdoor games for kids?

Outdoor games for kids are as important as their studies and other daily activities. An adequate amount of physical activity keeps a child physically and mentally strong. The health benefits of outdoor activities are numerous. It improves blood flow to the brain, sensory development, develops muscular strength, reduces obesity and stimulates blood cells.

Health Benefits

Children who are physically active stay fit and hold better resistance power than other kids who stay indoors for most of the time. Outdoor play increases blood supply to the brain that stimulates neurotransmitters resulting in increased attention span and learning. The physical activities make them tired so they get hungry, eat sufficient meals on time and at the end of the day sleep well. These are the healthy habits that will stay with them for life. Outdoor activities keep off health problems like obesity and heart illness later in life.

Explore Nature

Staying indoors most of the time and playing with electronic limits the potential skills of a child. Parents should frequently take their kids for outdoor activities and nature camps. Activities like bike riding, running, fishing, gardening, hiking, and plantations, keeps them fit, close to nature and also entertain them. These activities let the kids understand nature, boosts their confidence and develops a sense of fulfilment. It rejuvenates them and activates all the five senses.

Social Skills Development

Outdoor play advances child's problem-solving abilities and initiates creative thinking among them. It also develops social skills in them and encourages listening habits when they interact with their friends. Gradually their communication and behavior skills develop.

Team Work

When kids go out and play, they interact with other kids of their age group and start playing as a team. They learn to adjust with kids of a different temperament. This will help them in both their professional and personal life when they grow up.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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