Do companies really conduct genuine quality checking of their products?

As consumers, our job is to look beyond the words that companies tell us through their product advertisements and find out whether they are true or not. Unfortunately, we could never look beyond our convenience. So yes, fact-checking is just a myth and nothing more than that.

Quality Checking

The companies that encourage such practices (not pointing out anyone in particular) have even built a support ecosystem around it. It’s a known fact that today’s media has become just like any other corporate bosses. But the issue is with the companies who take the money and give way more than the deal’s actual value. You see, they gave you their loyalty and their credibility in return of their betrayed consumer’s trust. So, if you think this is just a straightforward relationship, you might want to give it a second thought. This may sound like some idealistic fool blabbering, but once a wise man said:

“Better the fooled who can walk tall than the tall who have a long road of shame ahead of them.”


The only advice I can give to all the consumers is, don’t run behind any particular brand name and never trust everything you see or read blindly. Sadly, in this era of smart technology one has to act one’s own due diligence. For the others, let us just hope for the best and try to do the best we can. As the success and failure of technology completely rely on who hires the most awestruck marketing agency and not on the technology’s actual quality, as a result, things start to fall apart.