How Do I Promote My Business Through Digital Marketing?

The business world today is run through data and technology. Companies have to come online in order to survive in this fast-paced economy. Marketing your goods and services has become easy, and if applied to the right channels with consumer insight, companies can get far better results than the traditional media channels might give them. Digital marketing is the trend because consumers are coming online for all their needs and spending an average of around an hour on digital media platforms. We today have a population of around 8 billion people, and 4.7 billion of them are on social media or digital media platforms. In a study, it was also found that 80% of the notifications received in a day are read by consumers.

In this article, we will delve deep into the various channels through which the company can run its digital marketing campaigns, the benefits and drawbacks of those media channels, and examples of some of the most prominent companies that have created captivating advertisements through these channels.

Digital Marketing

In simple terms, digital marketing means marketing goods, services, and brand names through digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, the company’s own website, browsing applications, and others. Digital marketing can be done both through organic and inorganic mediums. In an organic medium, the company produces such quality content that it has many followers, and the browsing applications even keep those websites on top because their main aim is to enhance the visitor experience. On organic websites, the companies pay the different social media channels and browsing websites to promote their content and increase the visibility of the content. We will be discussing both the organic and inorganic media of digital marketing today.

Different Methods of Digital Marketing

Companies need to have a clear understanding of the many different forms of digital marketing to determine which is best suited to their needs. The different digital marketing techniques are −

  • SEO Marketing − This is an organic form of marketing. Here, what the company does is create rich content that is beneficial to the user and add it to their websites and blogs. While creating the content, the users keep in mind to use as many keywords, relevant backlinks, H1, H2, H3, meta descriptions, labels, and others. By "keywords," we mean the different combinations of words users can search for while searching for the content they have written.

The higher the ratio of the keywords, the better the chances of ranking. It is generally said that 2000 keywords in any article do wonders for the company, but the creator or digital marketer should not compromise the quality of content. Backlinks mean different relevant websites attaching the company’s website or blog link for reference or a better understanding of the topic. SEO should be incorporated into the company’s website while writing blogs or articles and attaching them to the website, or in the case of infographics, creating the infographics themselves. Only 10 organic results appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 1 of Google. You have to buckle up to rank in SEO.

  • Email Marketing − With applications that help a company send bulk, customized emails, and that too on different occasions, email marketing has become a huge success. It is the most cost-friendly form of digital marketing. It captures the audience that is active in their mailbox, like corporate employees and businessmen. For B2B companies, email marketing is a must- have form of digital communication. Cadbury Dairy Milk - The company is known for selling chocolates and is currently sending consumers emails for all 7 days of Valentine’s Week and showing them various gifting options from the dairy milk lineage that could make their day special. with the enticing subject line of "Send the perfect gift to get your valentine closer."

  • Social Media Marketing − it is the best form of digital marketing when the company is planning to target consumers between the ages of 14 and 35. There are different applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others. The purpose of each application is different, and hence the users as well. Companies can do social media marketing by sponsoring their stories or posts for minimal cost, and the application in turn will increase the visibility of the same. Another form of social media marketing is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the marketers have a huge fan following and help the company by promoting its product to those followers. It is a more personalized form of digital marketing, and with the creator economy growing, this has a lot of potential. Companies today even have their own social media accounts, and they are combining the data of consumer browsing history with their social media accounts to display more relevant ads.

  • Pay per click − this is a form of advertising where the company would have to pay for every click they get. For example, if today a company is advertising itself on certain websites, social media, or other channels and they get visitors to their website through that link, they would have to pay the person an amount. It is usually done when one company has a lot of traffic on its page and uses it to get more traffic or sales for the other company. For example, in affiliate marketing, if the affiliate marketer is selling something, they have their own link, which they ask their fan base to use, and for every sale made through it, they receive a commission from the company.

  • Google Ads − this is another type of digital marketing. Here, the website is bidding on particular keywords, and every time that keyword is entered, the company’s website is shown on the first two results, irrespective of its content and SEO. This helps the company get more traffic to its page, more visibility, and more sales. For example, if you search for Nike brand shoes today, you will also see search results from Addidas because the company has bid on those keywords.

  • Review Marketing − There are particular websites where consumers can go and see reviews of the same product from different brands to understand the experiences of other buyers. Many companies pay these trusted websites to write good reviews or to pay people to write positive reviews on their websites.

  • Content Marketing − This is a form of digital marketing where the marketers develop relevant, accessible, useful, and entertaining content for the users and then try to subtly sell their products through that content. Good content is required in every aspect of digital marketing, but it is much more than just a part of the different techniques. Content marketing can make a difference in your overall digital marketing strategy.

It is difficult to comprehend the complexities of digital marketing in a few articles, but your basic approach will be clear after reading the same. Digital marketing today is booming by leaps and bounds, but companies must ensure that they do not enter the world of black-hat digital marketing just to increase reach or sales. Google is always coming up with updates to make the consumer experience better and will shut down any website that is using black-hat SEO or digital marketing techniques. Companies have to set aside a budget for digital marketing and just keep up the good work to be successful. A mixture of all the techniques is the formula for success.