Why do I forget what I study in exams while I remember everything in common circumstances?

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Our brain is undoubtedly a forgetful organ. It's functioning brain is extremely complex and difficult to comprehend at one go. When it comes to Education and learning it is furthermore complicated. In normal circumstance, the brain tends to remember a lot of happenings and even events and personalities in a better manner mainly because it's is free learning and some content naturally stays in your mind. Here are some reasons that the brain tends to forget many points during the examination:

Lack of Revision

Students generally tend to forget the content during the examination if he has burnt the midnight oil at the last minute. With a regular schedule of study and appropriate revision, the retaining capacity of the brain improves and the content is embedded in a much deeper manner. The students also have an aim to just reproduce what you have remembered in the mind onto the answer paper which is the ultimate goal. The future purpose tends to be non-existent.

Pressure and Fear of Examination

When it comes to the exam, the student is in constant fear and threat to perform well and score good grades due to the cut-throat competition. Thus, the student is remembering to be able to compete with his friend and produce exemplary answer rather than actually studying to gain knowledge.

Lack of Confidence

Sometimes, the student has lost faith in the examination system and also the confidence in himself/ herself to tackle it well. This also implies a lack of motivation. Some students get depression or anxiety when the exam period is near and negative thought seep into the mind. This sometimes turns into an extreme situation where the student completely blanks out seeing the question paper.

The Cognition Imbalance

In normal circumstances, the cognition of the brain tends to be balanced. Whenever the student enters the phase of the examination, there tends to be extreme cognition or hot cognition. This leads to extreme ends in stimulation of the brain. That’s why the phenomenon of exam fever is quite common. This hampers the capacity to withhold whatever has been memorized or learned by the student.

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