Why are buttons on men’s and women’s clothes placed on different sides?

Buttons on the clothes for men and women switch sides. Generally, for men, it is on the right side while for women, it is on the left. To get its answer, we need to go to the flashback, somewhere in the era of Napoleon. Actually, there is one thing common in his portraits and that is Napoleon keeping his right hand tucked into his coat. Now, you must be wondering why the great French statesman, would do so?

Believe it or not, it was a gesture of “good breeding” in that period. Because of his tenacious belief that men were superior. He used to go freaking crazy due to being the subject of mockery by women for his signature pose. Consequently, he allegedly demanded to move the buttons on women’s shirts on the opposite side.

Other Theories

There was a time when men used to carry weapons like swords, daggers, etc. on their right hand. Therefore, it was more convenient for them to unbutton with their left hand. The valid reason...hmm!!

Another theory is associated with infants, their mothers, and breastfeeding. Yes, women used to (we still do) carry their babies using their left hand to keep the other hand free for unbuttoning their top, just to feed their child…That’ really amazing and I didn’t know this.

One more theory states that in those days when aristocratic women were surrounded by a number of servants and they didn’t even have to dress or undress on their own. It was somewhat easier for the servants, who were usually right-handed, to dress their landlady.

In that era, women used to sit sidesaddle to the left, so buttons on the left prevented wind from getting in. On the contrary, men rode on the left side of the road with their swords on their left hips, so having buttons on the right kept it from getting caught in their clothes.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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