Who uses Citrix XenDesktop5 Administration?

A US-based software corporation, Citrix, offers people cloud, remote, and server computing solutions. Thanks to this feature, users may access these apps on their computers and operate them on distant PCs. Regardless of the device they use or the network, they are on, the software is designed to allow employees of a certain company to work and communicate remotely.

Citrix provides a wide range of clever products and solutions in terms of desktop and application virtualization. XenClient, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, and Citrix XenDesktop are a few of these. The fundamental objective of Citrix is to revolutionize the way that work is done in the future by reducing complexity and enabling people to work from anywhere while also improving productivity.

Using Desktop Delivery Controller as a connection broker, it controls and distributes desktops and applications (DDC). DDC supports several hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix Acropolis, to create virtual machines that execute virtual programs and desktops. It works with various architectures and delivery techniques, including PCs, servers, data centers, and private, public, or hybrid clouds. Provisioning Services, a tool for managing images, and the Citrix Hypervisor are included with Citrix Virtual Desktops (PVS).

Citrix XenDesktop 5's components

  • Control panel or data center (the main manager of the desktop environment).

  • The web plug-in (enables effective connection between desktops and users).

  • Data source (harboring the data that needs to be shared or stored).

  • A virtual studio (aids in the setup of a perfect desktop environment).

  • XenApp by Citrix (helps all applications run and be managed more efficiently).

  • XenServer from Citrix (manages the entire infrastructure throughout the entire network).

  • The agent for the desktop (maintains all that is happening in the desktop environment and deals with any problems that may occur).

Features of Citrix Xendesktop5

The Delivery Controller, which houses configuration and other parameters controlled by Citrix Studio or Citrix Director, is the heart of XenDesktop.

The desktops and programs allocated to users are visible on the StoreFront portal. Users merely need to click an icon in the portal after logging in at the StoreFront to access their allocated desktops and applications.

Citrix Workspace, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, manages connections to virtual desktops. You may connect to virtual desktops using web browsers or thin client hardware.

It provides native support for the Citrix HDX technology set, which includes data compression, multimedia redirection, and the company's independent computing architecture (ICA) remote protocol.

To instantly provision desktops from a single disk image, Citrix XenDesktop also offers Provisioning Services.

You receive a fantastic user experience with Citrix XenDesktop 5 that is independent of your device, its features, and the apps it may run.

Data may be moved from one virtual desktop to another with utmost simplicity and without any issues. Users can use the "Help" option anytime if they are confused by any application part. Regardless of the bandwidth or connection used, the performance is faultless. Users, in particular IT experts, may always use the LAN option to connect with other users easily. You may save up to 90% of your storage expenses with Citrix XenDesktop 5.

The target audience for Citrix Xendesktop5 Administration

Students or technicians are expected to know the entire operating system of a computer, complete with the understanding of servers and desktops, some basics of technology, and the concept behind its virtualization.

The course outline provided makes it quite obvious who uses Citrix XenDesktop 5. An Information Technology (IT) professional, system or network administrator or consultant, system engineer, analyst, or consultant is the target audience. The courses provide the same advantages to a student.

Administration and the learning experience from then onwards focus on the aspects as following −

  • The knowledge was necessary for XenClient maintenance and installation.

  • Setting up XenServer hosts and delivering desktops.

  • Concentrate on building a XenDesktop site.

  • Special focus was placed on developing a desktop catalog that will enable the simultaneous virtual control of several desktops.

  • Providing services installation.

  • Setting up provisioning services.

  • Focus on XenDesktop features, such as which ones should be enabled and which should be disabled.

  • Gaining knowledge of Flexcast's administration and use.

  • Easily and conveniently copying pictures to virtual drives.

  • As the necessity arises, make adjustments to these cloned photos.

  • Examine how XenClient is structured and functions.

  • Assisting personnel and users in resolving Desktop Director-related difficulties and issues.

  • Studying management techniques and policies.

The Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration is the greatest approach to remaining on top of the issues that data center managers and technicians confront as a result of the constantly evolving technology trends and innovations that are always being implemented. Exams are given after the course lessons, and delegates who pass receive a certificate. The exam gauges how well the student has learned about Citrix XenDesktop 5 installation, setup, virtualization, management, and issues.


For people who already have XenDesktop installed and have used it in the past, Citrix offers XenDesktop 5 Administration. The latest tools, features, and specs available have been targeted, as well as the modifications that have taken place since the previous versions. Minor or large modifications, such as adopting new terminology or a shift in fundamental notions, may have occurred. These distinctions must be addressed, analyzed, and learned to facilitate the operation of a proper desktop environment.

Updated on: 16-Nov-2022


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