What Are the Main Advantages of Citrix Xenserver?

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The administration uses Xenserver to deploy, host and manage different virtual machines across the system. Xenserver is a type-1 hypervisor (a hardware virtualization software through which we can virtualize CPU, memory, storage, and networking across different virtual machines (VM)). So it can directly communicate with system hardware.

The open-source server virtualization platform Citrix Xenserver is built on the Xen hypervisor. Deep integration between real and virtual resources will maximize computing resources and allow for quick provisioning, storage integration, appropriate access to all virtual machines, and managing of virtual environments. Citrix hypervisor is another name for Citrix XenServer.

Advantages of Citrix Xenserver

Powerful XenCenter Console

Through the XenCenter console, you can easily examine all the processes running across different virtual machines. With the help of the XenCenter console, administrators can closely monitor and manage several virtual machines coming from a centralized management console. Further, a virtual machine user can start, stop, create, migrate, copy, and back up a virtual machine with just a few clicks.

Robust Server Management

They designed Citrix Xenserver to create and manage any virtual infrastructure and automate and integrate the management processes of an organization.

Open Source, Community Driven

As Citrix Xenserver is open source, it is driven by the community. The open source community accelerates innovation, feature richness, faster development, and third-party integration.


This will enable any existing virtual or physical machine to convert into a XenServer compatible virtual machine. As a result, the change would become far more beneficial, practical, and seamless.

Workload Balancing

Workload balancing prevents bottlenecks, as it dynamically moves virtual machines to a newer location within a resource pool.

Distributed Virtual Switching

Distributed virtual switching is utilized to create a network fabric for handling multi-tenancy, which is the basis for building public and private clouds. Network fabric is a mesh of connections between network devices such as routers, switches, and access points that transports data to its destination.

Virtualization ability

With high performance, Citrix XenServer can virtualize any infrastructure, including clouds, servers, and desktops. Furthermore, you might choose to move server workloads into virtual machines. With the help of the Citrix XenMotion migrations tool, it can move a virtual machine across a resource pool without any resource loss.

High Availability, Server Outage protection

The availability of Citrix XenServer is very high. In case of a server outage, it is assured that it will automatically restart the protected virtual machines using another server with minimal downtime.

Dynamic Memory, Improved Application Performance

This feature is very helpful as it will distribute unused server memory of a virtual machine across different virtual machines, which results in optimization of virtual machines and improved application performances.

VM protection and recovery

Admins can create policies that automatically take snapshots regularly for scheduled virtual machines. This would be helpful in case of an outage so we can revert to some previous versions.


Citrix Xenserver has very high security as it is based on a type-1 hypervisor, so it will directly interact with physical hardware. This causes very high security because there is nothing in any kind of third-party resource, so the attacker couldn't compromise with anything.

XenMotion Live Migrations

With the help of the live migration tool of Citrix's XenMotion, we can migrate a live server to a Xenserver without interruption to prevent a live server's downtime.

Value without Compromise

Organization or company point of view, Citrix's Xenserver is very useful as it is open source, so they will get it free and customize it according to their needs.

Mission Critical workloads

Administrators, employees, managers, and even end users want their application or service to work smoothly, and uptime should be as high as possible.


We can use this feature of Xenserver in XenDesktop deployments to cache temporary and not persistent data of an operating system on the local Xenserver host for faster retrieval, which results in less response time.

Licensed Citrix's Xenserver

Citrix's Xenserver also offers some standard and enterprise license versions. The standard version includes solid high performance for virtualization and does not need incentive features, while the enterprise version contains premium edition optimized cloud workloads, servers, desktops, etc.

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