mysqladmin - A MySQL Server Administration Program

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The ‘mysqladmin’ is a client that helps perform administrative operations. It can also be used to check the server's configuration and current status, to create and drop databases, and much more.

The mysqladmin can be invoked by using the below command −

shell> mysqladmin [options] command [command-arg] [command [command-arg]] ...

Let us see some of the commands which mysqladmin supports. Some commands take an argument following the command name.

create db_name

This command creates a new database named db_name.

drop db_name

It deletes the database named db_name and all its tables.


It displays the server status variables and their values.


It flushes all information in the host cache.


It reloads the grant tables. It is same as reload.

kill id,id,...

It kills the server threads. If multiple thread ID values are provided, then there should be no spaces in the list.

password new_password

It sets a new password. This changes the password to new_password so that the account used by user is the one with mysqladmin to connect to the server.


This command checks whether the server is available. The return status from mysqladmin is 0 if the server is running, and it is 1 if it is not.


It shows a list of active server threads. This is similar to the output of the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement.


It reloads the grant tables.


It flushes all tables and closes and opens log files.


It stops the server.


It displays the version information from the server.

Published on 10-Mar-2021 12:54:59