Different SAP HANA Administration tools

There are various tools but most commonly includes HANA Studio and HANA Cockpit. Following are common HANA Administration Tools −

SAP HANA Cockpit

This is an administration tool to manage your SAP HANA system and is based on SAP Fiori Launchpad based navigation to access long range of HANA applications. SAP HANA cockpit can be accessed via a web browser.


Using SAP HANA Studio, you can perform system administration and monitoring activities in a distributed environment. You can create users with different access privilege, backup and recovery, and data provisioning using HANA Studio.

HANA Studio is an Eclipse-based tool and is available for Window, Mac, and Unix OS.

SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager

This is an administration tool to manage SAP HANA components after installation. You can add/remove hosts or rename using the Lifecycle Manager.

SAP Solution Manager

This tool is used to integrate your SAP HANA platform with other business solutions.

SAP HANA HW Configuration Check

You can use this tool to check the interoperability of SAP HANA system with enterprise storage.

SAP HANA XS Administration Tools

This tool is used to manage and administration applications developed on the top of HANA database sing XS Classic model and XS Advanced model. You can perform security and define user authentication for applications developed and hosted in SAP HANA environment.

SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management

This tool is used to perform the transport of delivery units, upload or download transports and to perform transport management tasks.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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