Introduction to Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

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For the past few decades, the IT field and computer science engineering fields have been growing exponentially. As a result, the RAT or Remote Administration Tool is discovered.

Unfortunately, it is often confused with Remote Access Trojan, which also has the same acronym. The two RATs are similar in functioning but different in the intend of usage. Remote Administration Tool is used for accessing a system remotely from another location where there is no physical presence of the user. The systems participating should be connected by internet connection. First, let us discuss the positive usages of the RAT.

Usages of Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

  • Decreases the cost for maintenance − By controlling many systems from a single system disables the need for separate professionals to maintain all the systems. Thus the price to hire them can be decreased.

  • Increases the ease of accessibility − Now, it is easy for an administrator of an organization to make changes to the systems under his control from the place where they reside—no need to travel to places where the clients are placed. Also, to access an organization's network, the administrator can connect by using any devices they have, including mobile phones, PCs, etc.

  • Easier to do uniform software updates − With RAT, admins can make any software amendments to all the systems of an organization without physically doing the updates to all the individual systems.

Unethical usage of RAT

  • It is used to analyze the user's activity on the internet and thus steal passwords and sensitive information. The intruders can even send threatening messages to famous personalities or use them for terroristic purposes.

  • It can be used to modify system settings, software, etc., restart, or shut down the system without the user's knowledge. It can also control hardware and related resources like disabling the use of the keyboard.

  • It is used for stealing bank information while online transaction and stealing the money left in the account. The intruder can use the online activity of the user to blackmail them.

  • It can be used to decrease the efficiency of a system by making it slower or using less internet by decreasing bandwidth usage, etc.

  • Some intruders send e-mails stating the person has information about the login credentials of a particular website and the person has access to the entire computer and blackmails users. But, before paying the amount, the users just need to scan their system for RATs. If it is not present, then most probably, the mail will be a scam.

  • Some infamous examples of RATs are - Back Orifice, Beast, etc.

Ways of Installing RAT

  • The first one is the legal way. A user can install RAT software in the devices for legal usage.

  • Intruders install RAT in a user's system by embedding the installation file in a user download file. The user may or may not know whether a RAT is installed in the system along with the legit file.

Steps to take care of our system from RAT

  • Always use Anti-viruses and regularly update them.

  • Never allow any unwanted apps to run on the system. If a program asks to disable anti-virus, never do it.

  • We should always be double sure of the files that we download. Make sure that it is legitimate.

  • We should always install apps from trusted sources.

  • Be careful while downloading a file from a P2P connection.

Published on 19-Aug-2021 11:05:12