Which language should I learn first: HTML or Python?

In this article, we will learn which language to learn first (HTML or Python).


Python is a high-level, object-oriented, dynamic, interpreted, and multipurpose programming language i.e multi-paradigm language. Its easy syntax and readability make it perfect for use as a server-side (backend) language on projects of all sizes. Python has also established itself as the de facto language for machine learning.

Python generates the data for web pages on the backend and then displays it using frontend technologies. It is also available for usage on the desktop, command line, and the web.


HTML also known as HyperText Markup Language, is a markup language, not a programming language. It is a markup language that web browsers like Chrome use to format pages.HTML explains a page's structure in a way that a browser can understand. Inputs, buttons, and divs are among the elements used to place and structure content on the page.

HTML can only be used on the client side or frontend. It cannot be used to build desktop apps outside of a web browser. Although the arrival of Electron JS had partially altered this.

Which language should I learn first: HTML or Python and why?

Which computer language you learn first will be determined by the area of development you wish to specialize in.

Begin with HTML and CSS, then go on to JavaScript and jQuery. Discover how to use Git. Then proceed to Python, and finally to Django. When you add a database, you'll be in 'beast mode when it comes to web development.

You'll be able to develop websites if you understand HTML markup language well. Learn Python if you wish to be a more versatile developer in web and software development, command-line projects, and data analysis.

If you want to be a full-stack developer, you should be familiar with both HTML and Python. If you work with Python web frameworks like Django and Flask, you'll also require a basic understanding of front-end languages (HTML and CSS).

Understand what you require first. Later on, you can switch to another programming language to enhance your skills or if the scope of a project needs it.

Unlike Python, you will not need to master any programming ideas to use HTML. It does not necessitate any logic or special setup.

When Does HTML Knowledge Come in Useful?

Creating unique websites

HTML allows you to create and customize websites from the bottom up. You can create themes and modify them as you see fit.

HTML combines with other coding languages, such as CSS and Javascript, to create interactive user interfaces.

Enables easy website navigation

You can enable a user to browse to other areas of a website or another web page by utilizing hypertext links.

These hypertexts are links to other texts, sections, or web pages. HTML is used in hypertexts to make it easier for people to navigate a website.

Used for Creating web document

HTML is used in web documents. They are referred to as simple HTML files since they make use of HTML tags and the Document Object Model (DOM).

Every web document has sections such as title, headlines, and paragraphs that outline formats and locations on the client-side using HTML tags HTML tags <title>, <h1>, <p>

To develop more dynamic webpages, these pages use HTML to set elements such as style sheets, graphics, and photos.

Making images that are responsive

Images can be made responsive using HTML. This results in a user interface that is smooth and simple to scan.

If you have photos that don't fit the layout of your web pages, you can resize them in HTML by defining the height and width properties with the img tag.

Which One is Easier to Learn? HTML or Python

HTML and Python are both simple to learn and master. It's difficult to say which is simpler because they serve various purposes and have distinct uses.

While HTML is useful for website development, Python is a general-purpose programming language with several project chances in areas such as software and web development, machine learning, and data science.

Python was ranked fourth among programming languages in the Stack Overflow 2020 survey. However, according to their 2021 study, more developers are interested in learning Python. However, keep in mind that developer interest in knowing HTML has been consistent over this time span.


There is no hard and fast rule on which programming language should be learned first. HTML and Python are both simple to learn, and depending on the area of development you wish to focus on, you can begin with any of these programming languages.