Should I learn MATLAB or Python?

In this article, we will learn which one should we learn between MATLAB and Python.

Python, like MATLAB, is a high-level programming language. Python has the simplest syntax, and its dynamic typing and automated memory management are well-known. This means it's easy to convert your thoughts into code.

What is Python?

In the world of programming languages, Python is often regarded as one of the best high-level options. It finds use in data analytics, robotics, AI/ML, and related fields. Python allows you to use features from several programming paradigms, including OOP, Structured programming(SP), and even functional programming. Python also supports contract programming and logic programming, but only with the help of extensions.

The syntax of Python is easy and relatively simple when compared to other languages such as C, Pascal, and others.

What is Matlab?

MATLAB is a language for advanced computer calculations. Matrix Laboratory is shortened to MATLAB. This has led to its widespread recognition as the most effective technical language for mathematical programming.

The top-tier mathematical and graphical toolsets, as well as a wide range of in-built utilities, are all provided. Making visual representations is another use of MATLAB. As a programming language, MATLAB has been around for quite some time. Back in the '70s, Cleve Moler came up with the concept.

That it might replace FORTON is the opinion of certain specialists. Originally, MATLAB served as an interface to the numerical computing libraries hosted by the FORTON project.

The first graphical user interface for MATLAB was released in 1983 by John Little, Cleve Moler, and Steve Bangert. After rewriting the MATLAB code in C, MathWorks was established in 1984. When it comes to data analysis, numerical analysis, and graphical display, MATLAB is widely recognized.

Comparison of Python vs Matlab

Below is the comparison table of Python vs Matlab −

Factors of Comparison Python Matlab
Definition As a high-level language, Python may be used for a wide variety of projects. A data type and numerical arrays are both a part of it. For technical computing, MATLAB is the high-performance language of choice. Math and matrices play an important role in this language as well.
Benefits Because of its large libraries, it is beneficial for open source and community development. It is possible to run algorithms in Matlab immediately.
Usage Website builders like Google App Engine, Zope, etc., employ Python for programming. Data and functions may be plotted, matrices can be manipulated, and graphical user interfaces can be developed with MATLAB.
Released Year This programming language, known as Python, was created in 1991 by the Python software foundation. In 1970, the very first version of Matlab was made available to the public.
Performance Fast and accurate computations in linear algebra, statistics, and graphics are all possible using Python. It requires developer-centric add-ons that the user must instal, compile, validate, and utilise to improve speed.
Library Python's base distribution includes a large library of useful tools. Unfortunately, generic programming features are not included in Matlab's default library.
Embedded Code Generation Python is not a good choice for embedded systems since it does not offer automated code creation and it is not designed for that type of environment. Code written in MATLAB may be exported as portable, human-readable C/C++.
Real-time support Phone and individual email assistance are both available from Python's developers. Matlab does not offer real-time, individualized assistance.
Indexing Python uses zero as its base index, therefore navigating an array in Python will always start at index 0. Array indexing in Matlab begins at 1, as the program uses 1-based indexing.
UI Development In contrast to other languages, Python does not any UI development platforms that are interactive. The Matlab environment is favorable to creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs).
Functionality Python is more simple to work with than Matlab. Matlab has better numerical skills.
Graphics dependency Python's graphical capabilities rely on third-party libraries. When compared to Python, Matlab's graphical capabilities are better.

Performance: Python vs Matlab

Python beats MATLAB in terms of performance. Python is a more expressive and readable programming language than Matlab. Python libraries grow complex for developing CGI scripts and utility programs to solve large-scale problems.

MATLAB's visualizations are more stable than Python's since they don't rely on third-party libraries.

Indexing: Python vs Matlab

Indexing is employed within the array. In Python, as in other programming languages, indexes start at 0. It's compatible with C, C++, and Java. The array is indexed from zero in 0-based indexing, rather than one. For even more convenience, Python now allows negative values to be used as indexes into arrays, simplifying formerly difficult method solutions.

However, MATLAB allows for one-based indexing, which is particularly helpful for working with matrices and vectors. The problem is that it can't understand code written in other languages.

Environment: Python vs Matlab

The similarity between Python and Matlab is the reason for making the comparison. These two languages are both easy to pick up and use. As with many other modern programming environments, there is no need for variable definition and the user interface is straightforward.

Conversely to Python, MATLAB provides a far superior programming environment. Python's environment is completely open, and it supports the addition of a wide range of third-party tools.

However, MATLAB was developed with mathematical tasks in mind. It has a wide range of applications, including numerical analysis, graphical representation, and signal processing. The same MATLAB code may be executed on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or any other supported platform.

Is there a scope for both programming languages?

The graph below demonstrates how popular Python programming languages have become throughout the years. That is why learning it is beneficial. But that doesn't imply Matlab isn't useful. Aside from that, you should grasp your main goal and why you want to learn any or both of these.

You may proceed to learn these languages without thinking about their potential usefulness if you have a solid plan and purpose in mind. It can be observed that Python's scope is expanding, while Matlab may or may not be used as much. Still, Matlab is one of the top 20 programming languages.

Is Python better than Matlab?

For scientists and engineers, MATLAB provides the easiest and most productive computing environment. When it comes to technical and mathematical calculation, MATLAB is by far the most widely used language. But Python may be used for a wide variety of projects since it is a flexible language.


They have practical applications in engineering and scientific research. In conclusion, Matlab is a computer programming language used by scientists and engineers.

In comparison, Python is an open-source, high-level language for developing software and web-based applications. It is also very important in data science. When compared to MATLAB, Python is even more readable. However, when it comes to large-scale problems, MALAB unquestionably outperforms Python. It is now up to you to decide which works best for you: Python or Matlab.

Updated on: 02-Jan-2023

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