What you will do if find a big treasure?

Treasure may brighten anybody’s eyes for a moment and a big treasure will definitely, in the first go, make a person like me rub my eyes again and again in order to make myself believe that I have been lucky enough to witness such a magnanimous stuff in front of my eyes in this ‘Kalyuga’, especially when people may even snatch away a loaf of bread from the other person.

Give It to The Police

After pinching myself repeatedly and rubbing my eyes and even splashing some water on my face if needed, I will then handle myself and compose my thoughts as to what steps to take next. Definitely, handing over it to the police would be my decision.

The Indian Judicial System is efficient enough to take a proper decision on what to do next. Keeping it to myself will be a selfish decision which I will never take. I will hand it over to the police and ask them to give it to the rightful authority.

If a person, who actually owns it is not found, I will ask the Police to use it for Government purposes or for charity whatsoever is right in the eyes of the government.

In such a manner, I will not betray my nation at all and be a true Indian, who loves one’s own motherland. There is no end to money and its greed. It will be better if I am able to serve my nation in this manner.