What were the common foods in the Medieval Ages?

The Middle Ages witnessed a different diet depending on the class of society to which an individual belonged. Rich people had a different diet than poor people.

Poor people fed themselves on barley or porridge. Bread was eaten by them too. But Rich people consumed those items which were a symbol of richness like pork and chicken. Even the spices were costly for rich people like saffron, black pepper, cardamom. The poor ones had to stick to more vegetables and fewer spices. The poor folk fed on legumes and pulses like chickpeas, but the aristocratic class did not.

Following practices were even common to both classes of society.

  • Butter as the cooking medium.

  • Little use and consumption of cow milk.

  • Animal protein meant indirectly cheese.

  • Alcoholic beverages were preferred to water even. Such was its craze!

As described earlier, the cheese was next to a staple part of the meal. It was even used along with honey to make a dessert out of it. Salted fish was eaten, especially when church expected people to eat so.

Excessive sweetness and excessive saltiness were observed in order to preserve the food. Thus, due to the availability of various kinds of bread, it was observed that middle ages’ folks fed on bread, wine, and vegetables seasoned moderately as per their class and profession.