What to do – When got married to a WRONG Guy?

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We all marry for a reason and invite people into our lives whom we think perfect for us. Then why does the question arise that We got married to a Wrong Guy? Is your judgment wrong or are you really with a wrong guy?

Most of the time it is the gap between expectation and reality that generates all of our life’s disappointments. We create rich fantasies and we get shattered and cheated when we do not find them materializing. While dating you could go out with the same person for 2 years without a complaint and when you get married, you cannot tolerate him for a month? Where is the gap?

Either men or women, it is very common for people to show their best sides while dating. Even in arranged marriages, male and female partners check for compatibility, talk to each other and then only say "Yes" to the marriage. Which compatibility did they check?

Mostly, the first few months fly off due to the freshness in love and marriage and in knowing each other. From then starts the real music. Women get irritated on unclean habits of men and men get irritated on the shopping habits of women. The subjects for conflict may look like small things to an outsider, but two people who cannot tolerate even such small things about each other know the gravity of the situations.

There is always a way out of an unhappy marriage ... DIVORCE. It may not be an easy solution all the time, because when two people get married, they marry the families as well and if you have children due to this wedding that will be another complication. 75% of the couples who do not feel they are married to the right guy, still continue to be in wedlock, only because of their children.

Psychologists and marriage counselors advise the couples to check themselves before jumping into a conclusion that they have married the Wrong Guy.

Does your partner also feel that they are married to the wrong person? What are the things in you that annoy your spouse? What are your habits that irritate your partner? Can you change yourself to save your marriage? Find answers to all these questions and still if you both feel you are not compatible, it is always better to separate ways than boil in a bitter relationship.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24